Awe-inspiring Recovery Of Starving Stray Dog Sick With Mange


Leila was living in a military camp in Greece, among a pack of stray dogs. She was get sicker and sicker every day, but she never received treatment, until she reached a phase where she could

barely stand on her own feet. Some of the soldiers there asked for help for Save a Greek Stray, and Leila was brought to the shelter. They named her Leila( Lela actually, which in Greek is slang for the end of the military forces ). She appeared to be suffering from every single illness possible, but all that was only caused by mange, that had depleted her, physically and mentally. She remained in isolation for about a month, received treatment, and finally recovered. She is half way to becoming gorgeous actually, more hair will grow, she will gain more weight and more confidence. But since we filmed her in front of the Christmas tree, posting her video now only seemed fitting. The most amazing thing about her is that she has turned out to be a very social, happy and balanced dog, without ever requiring much assistance from us or a trainer. It’s only who she is. Leila is now healthy and ready for her forever home.