You’ve Never Seen Dogs This Small (And Here’s What They’re Actually Perfect For)


The challenge with apartment living for rescue dog lovers is finding the right tiny house dogs. Face it, if they fit in a tiny house, they’ll work in your apartment. Here are a few choices recommended by dog breed and tiny house experts. Your rescue is a perfect fit if he or she is a mixture of these breeds.

Chihuahuas Qualify As Tiny House Dogs

The tiniest choice for tiny house dogs is, of course, the Chihuahua. According to,, “Chihuahuas have one of the biggest personalities as well as being the smallest dog we recommend for tiny house living. They are great to have because of their size but keep in mind that they are explorers and if you give them the way out, they are going to find it. 

Beagles Make Great Apartment Dogs

Being a medium size, the Beagle works great in apartments and as tiny house dogs. “They are snuggly, loving, and for the most part quiet but make sure you wear them out. They need exercise, and if they don’t get it, that nose of theirs makes it easy to stray off the beaten path, and their stubbornness will make you have to drag them back home,” cautions 

English Bulldogs Fit As Tiny House Dogs

The AKC recognizes the English Bulldog as a great apartment dog. Their medium energy/medium size makes them one of the most popular breeds on this list and rightly so. They are calm, underactive, and will lay just about everywhere. They don’t require much exercise; a daily walk would suffice. They also won’t be upset when you head off to bed. Take a couple of minutes and set out a dog bed or fluff a pillow, as Bulldogs can and pretty much will sleep anywhere.

Who Wouldn’t Love A Pug As An Apartment Dog?

Pugs are reasonable in size, and they are known to be medium energy pooches. If you are one who enjoys being a little more active, this is a good dog for you. Because if Pugs don’t get enough exercise, they tend to become a bit more mischievous. Weighing in at a low 14-18 pounds makes it easy to carry them to bed after you’ve worn them out.

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What’s your top choice for tiny house dogs?