Learn Where To Rescue AKC’s Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds


As winter turns to spring, the AKC has released their most popular dog breeds for 2017. Today, let’s introduce you to the top 10 most popular dog breeds for 2017. In addition, if you are interested in owning one of the most popular dog breeds, we will take a look at places where you can adopt these popular breeds.

1. The Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers have been number 1 for 27 years.


  • Height:  21.5 to 23.5 inches (female), 22.5 to 24.5 inches (male)
  • Weight: 55 to 70 pounds (female), 65 to 80 pounds (male)
  • Life Expectancy: 10 to 12 years
  • Child-Friendly Rating: Excellent
  • Energy Level: High

Holding the position for 27 years straight, the Labrador Retriever is the number one dog breed for 2017. And what’s not to like about this breed. They are affectionate, eager to please, and are often cited as the number one family dog.

The breed is definitely America’s breed. However, the breed originated in Labrador and Newfoundland, Canada. This breed is an athletic breed that has a high level of energy and enthusiasm. They love to work and can excel in dog sports and competitions as well as service work.

In fact, the Labrador Retriever is the breed that is used in a variety of dog jobs from search and rescue to guide dogs. This is due to their versatility, easygoing personality and intelligence.

Labrador Retrievers are a beautiful, short-haired dog that is medium in size. They have a thick, otter tail and a wide head with chocolate eyes. The breed can be found in yellow, black, and chocolate.

They love being with their families and thrive as family dogs. Especially for active families that can take them swimming.

If you are interested in adding this water dog breed to your family, check out one of many breed rescues through the Labrador Retriever Club.

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