If Your Dog Howls For THIS Reason, You Should Be Worried That She…


Being a dog lover, you may experience dog howls on occasion. Have you ever wondered why they do it? There are four general reasons why dogs howl. Can you guess them all?

Dogs Howl To Communicate

Dogs howl when you least expect it

Start singing and watch what your dog does next. Most of the time, your precious pooch will join you with a lovely howl-fest of his own. Perhaps you hear a distant siren followed by the howl of your pet, calling after it. One reason dogs howl is to communicate, “I hear you,” “I see you,” or “I want to find you.”  

For tips on communicating with your dog, check out this article.

Dogs Howl Because Of Ancestry 

A close-up of an adult female wolf (Canis lupus) howling

Genetically speaking, your dog may be closely tied to a wolf. And for that reason alone, he may howl a lot. There is something about a dog’s lineage (ancestry) which predisposes some dogs to howl. And side note, all the talk you hear about wolves howling at the moon— not true! As night-stalkers, it’s just what they do.

Dogs Howl Because They Are Lonely

Husky dogs howl

Separation-anxiety or loneliness is known to promote crying (which is howling) in dogs. As a result, you find howling to be a pastime in young puppies. Therefore, this night-time regimen has new puppy owners clamoring for ear plugs and fluffy pillows to lessen the volume of impending howls.

Adult dogs suffer from loneliness too and they react in the same manner– howling until you get back home. For information on treating excessive howling, click here.

Injured Dogs Howl Too

Have you ever cried out in pain because of an injury? Well, dogs do the same. In fact, it is part of their nature to let the pack know when they are wounded. This way, pack members can find them and act as protection. One downfall to this behavior is other predators can locate them as well. That’s one reason they run in packs. All this to say, pay attention; when dogs howl they may need a visit to the vet.

Do you ever howl with your dog? I do! Because I love being part of their family.