12 Ingenious Ways To Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer


While we are still a few weeks from summer, the heat is definitely upon us where I live. Already, we have struggled with several heat waves with temperatures skyrocketing. If those temperatures are any indication of what summer will be like…we are definitely in for a hot one. Which means that dog owners across the country are going to be struggling with a similar problem—how to keep their dogs cool during the summer heat. Of course, we have the answers that will help keep your dog cool this summer.

One) Spray Your Dog From The Bottom Up

Spraying your dog will cool him off but focus on his feet and belly.

The very first tip that you should follow has to do with how a dog feels relief from the cold. Most people think that if you spray a dog down, he’ll be cool. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Dogs sweat through their foot pads.

In addition, the thinner coat on their belly helps them cool down. Therefore, in reality, a dog cools down from the bottom up, not from the top down.

The fastest way to help cool your dog off is to spray his feet with cool water or have him stand in cool water. From there, spray down his belly and sides to help him stay cool. You can finish spraying his entire body, but really, if you get the feet and belly cool, your dog will feel a lot happier.

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