10 LOVELY Small Dogs With Insanely HUGE Personalities


They are cute, furry, and full of personality— small dog breeds have captured our attention for centuries. Is there any wonder why? With all their personality, along with great looks, small dogs have been bred for companionship. These are breeds that have graced the laps of royalty throughout history. Today, they are loved by young and old alike. But we wondered what small breeds have the biggest personalities? Today, let’s look at 10 small breeds that are tiny in stature but big in the personality department.

1) Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Loved by queens, is there any doubt that the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, affectionately known as the corgi, is full of personality? This bright-eyed and happy breed is full of energy and enthusiasm. They are an active little breed, originally bred to herd cattle. In fact, many Corgis are still used as herding dogs and they do an excellent job when they do it.

Corgis are very affectionate and often bring a lot of joy into their owner’s life.

While the breed is very intelligent and enthusiastic, this is not the breed for everyone. They need a lot of mental and physical stimulation or their big personalities will get in the way. They can become quite a handful when they are bored. In fact, Corgis will find ways to keep themselves entertained and can become quite destructive.

Corgis need an owner who will give their cute little selves firm rules. This breed is notorious for taking control of the relationship and ruling the home.

Because of both their cuteness and their personality, Corgis find themselves in homes where they don’t belong. For that reason, a high number of them wind up in shelters. If you are interested in adopting a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, start with a breed specific rescue.

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