If Your Dog Smiles


Do dogs really laugh? In the I-really-know-my-dog world, your rescue dog laugh may sound more like panting in cadence. Check out the dogs and sometimes their family members laughing in the videos below. 

Photo credit mondaymondaynetwork

This pup is cute, but he’s not really laughing. He does make me smile though.

I wish I could see more of this pups face. The laughing is definitely a sound, not just panting. What do you think? A true rescue dog laugh?

Is This A Rescue Dog Laugh Or A Whine?

The owner is really getting into the act of tickling his dog. But is this pup laughing or whining? You decide.

Smiling From Ear To Ear

Yes, I know the talking isn’t in English, but seriously who’s listening? This dog has a genuinely awesome smile. Who needs to laugh when your smile makes everyone around you laugh. Fun!

Panting, Laughing, Panting, What?

Okay, this guy is included because of the totally awesome response his owner wrote on Youtube. Take a look at the video above and what he had to say below.

“Hey, everyone, thought I’d post a quick update. Rhett lived a great life and we had lots of fun together. He was the best dog a guy could hope for. R.I.P Mr. Rhett, we’ll all miss you bud. 9/6/2015”

“My dog Rhett making a sound that sort of sounds like a laugh… It’s just a sound he makes when he gets excited.”

“Hey everyone, I’ve been reading the comments and I thank all of you for your insight into the video! But I would like to address a few key points of the video. 1) It is shot in February the weather outside is far from hot. 2) The windows are cracked around halfway so that the dog won’t jump out of them. 3) The car is moving, and I am in the car with him filming. 4) Yes, he is hot, that is why he is panting. He was running around the back seat in excitement. 5) For those of you still on the “Give him water” stage, he is clearly in a car. Point me to the closest water source inside a moving car that is fit to drink. Anyway, thanks for the comments and over 2 million views!”

The Best By Far!

Okay, here you go! Finally a genuine laughing dog. Way too short of a video though, I could have listened for a long time. Enjoy!

Does your rescue dog laugh? Let us know and post a video in the comments if you have one.