There’s A Dangerous Mental Illness All Dog Owners Need To Be Aware Of


How many rescue dogs to you have? Would you label yourself as having a rescue-dog addiction? Is rescue-dog addiction good or bad? Check out these findings before you decide.

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No one would accuse Miranda Lambert of having a negative rescue-dog addiction, would they? Let’s face it, her dogs are loved, cared for, and most of all, they’re content. The same is true for most of us who have an affection and love for rescue dogs. 

At one point, we housed eight dogs. Four were hunting dogs and the others were rescued dogs. Most of our rescues found us out here in the country and we couldn’t turn them away. Therefore, we provided plenty of food, proper housing, and a lot of room for them to run and play. I admit to having a rescue-dog addiction, in the best of ways.

So, what constitutes a negative addiction?

Is It Rescue-Dog Addiction Or Hoarding?

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Sadly, it is not uncommon to see flashes of overcrowded homes filled to the max with dogs of all breeds vying for attention. As a result, news channels rush to get photos just like these to splash across the nightly news. My heart aches with disgust and pain. While my disgust is for the human who thinks this in any way is dog affection. My pain is for the innocent dogs because they have no choice.

According to a 2008 paper, Understanding the Human Aspects of Animal Hoarding, “An animal hoarder is defined as someone who has accumulated a large number of animals and who: 1) fails to provide minimal standards of nutrition, sanitation, and veterinary care; 2) fails to act on the deteriorating condition of the animals (including disease, starvation or death) and the environment (severe overcrowding, extremely unsanitary conditions); and often, 3) is unaware of the negative effects of the collection on their own health and well-being and on that of other family members.”

The above photo fits the hoarding scenario to the tee. Dogs too numerous to count, no sign of sleeping quarters, or a proper outdoor facility. Consequently, that small area most likely stinks with improper sanitation. Indeed, this is hoarding, which constitutes a negative rescue-dog addiction.

What do you think of when you witness the hoarding of dogs? 

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