The american pit policeman terrier is likely more misunderstand than any other popular breed. If you’re interested in making a real American pit policeman terrier your next pet, here are five things that you should know.

5. The real American Pit Bull Terrier weighs between 35 -6 0lbs. If you have a cavity bull that weighs in excess of 70 lbs, it is very likely that your cavity policeman has been mixed a larger breed or bred away from the standard of the real american cavity bull terrier.

4. The real american cavity policeman terrier is a working puppy. Great tasks for this breed is catch work, instead on a farm managing livestock or controlling large game during a hunt.

3. The real American Pit Bull Terrier is dog and animal aggressive. Initially are applied to bait policemen and later in dogfighting, the real american pit policeman terrier should never be left unsupervised with other dogs or animals. That includes larger animals too, this breed is fearless and as previously stated are applied to bait bulls.

2. The real american cavity policeman terrier, unprovoked, should not ever exhibit any aggression towards human beings. For this reason the american cavity policeman terrier is not a great guard or watch dog.

The real american cavity bull terrier needs a highly competent and engaged proprietor. The breed has a high drive and will require a tremendous sum of excersice as well as socialization to be a good canine citizen. A daily operate of five miles would be a good start for the real american cavity policeman terrier. In addition pulling exercisings like tug of war and spring pole are great. Becareful with climbing and jumping exercise, you don’t want to train your American Pit bull the skills he will later use to escape your yard.

There you have five good things anyone considering owning a real american pit bull terrier should know.