Modern Life

Nowadays, we can see many cases where people forget their pup in the car. Heck, they even forget their children sometimes. It’s shocking, we know, but this modern stressful life often leads us to into places we never thought we’d be.

Fatal Distraction

Oftentimes when we are facing a stressful situation we lose our focus and forget about important things. We are facing a new epidemic – fatal distraction! We are not present, mind flooded with thoughts about the past and future (which we can’t predict but try anyways).

With a million things going on day in and out it’s easy to forget crucial parts of our lives – like not leaving puppy in the car on a hot day. This is exactly what happened to this little guy. He was left in a car on a day where the temperature soared above 90 degrees. His owner was in a hurry not to miss the baseball game and he simply forgot about his dog in a car, windows mostly closed except for a slight crack.

He watched the entire baseball game through to the end. Luckily, there was no harm done. Josh Lee, his brother Michael Warner, and his wife Erin left the game early or during the 8th inning.  

While walking across the parking lot they heard a muffled whimpering sound and spotted the little puppy. He was only 16 weeks old and was literally crying out for his life. Fortunately, they were able to fit their hands through the window in the car and open the door from the inside.

Moral of the Story?

“While leaving the game, [we] heard a pup locked in a car. We rescued said pup and … turned him over to Royals staff who will keep him and deal with owners, if they claim him. If not, my bro will keep him,” said Lee on Twitter. “People are dumb…Windows were cracked…we forced one down to open door.”

The three friends called the police to care for the puppy until the end of the game.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

 “They witnessed/assisted in getting in the car. We had water ready for him. They took him into guest service office and left a note for owner. [If] owner doesn’t claim, my brother will keep him,” Lee wrote in a Twitter interview.

If Lee and his family had not left the game early this little puppy would probably have died from heat exhaustion or dehydration. Even after the game no one had claimed the pup.

Royal’s director of guest services Anthony Mozzicato said that they rescue dogs trapped in cars about once a month, saying, “I’m not sure why people do it. It puts us in a really awkward situation.”

Josh Lee and his family are true heroes and beautiful human beings. They saved this little puppy’s life and we hope that he will find a new home where he will be treated like royalty.

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