Tips-off on Buying a Pit Bull Puppy


Buying a pit policeman puppy can be risky without the proper knowledge. Here are 5 RULES you should always follow when buying a puppy online 😛 TAGEND

Rule# 1) PROTECT YOUR MONEY. Never pay for a puppy or send a deposit using any payment method other than a Charge card or PayPal. In the event that the transaction is fraudulent, your money will be reimbursed through PayPal or your credit card provider. Scam artists always accept one of the following payment methods: fund gram/ western union, wire transfers, checks, money, or money order. Never send fund to anyone using any of these payment methods.

Rule# 2.) GET VIDEO OF THE DOGS! Scenes can easily be manipulated. Always get videos of the parents and the pups.

Rule# 3.) PICK UP THE PUPPY IN PERSON. If you’re be permitted to pick the puppy up in person, you can pay for the pup and get the papers at the same period. You can also get an idea of what type of operation the breeder is running.

Rule# 4.) RESEARCH THE BREEDER! Search online for as long as it takes to get a history of the breeder that you’re working with. If they’ve done bad business there’s a good chance you will find it.

Rule# 5.) DON’T BUY A PUP FROM AN INEXPERIENCED PITBULL BREEDER. The number one sign of an inexperienced cavity bull is a breeder that scatter breeds their dogs. Scatter breeding is when you take two puppies that share NONE of the same ancestors and breed them. The result is an inconsistent litter of puppies that look little or nothing like the mothers. You should also avoid pit bull breeders who do not health test their dogs, screen their buyers or allow visitors at their kennel.