Staffordshire Bull Terrier


The Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Affectionately known as the’ Staffie’ in the UK, he’s a great companion and genuinely fun-loving guy. He values his family and friends, so they often consider his playful and docile side. An amiable little guy, he usually responds well to instruction.

This dog’s first priority are necessary for human companionship, with a range of stimulate and fun games coming a close second. He loves to be around people, so it’s not surprising that he loves strangers too. Some of these guys can be pretty strong-willed though, so you’ll have to make sure the power balance is understood.

Now he’s not a troublemaker in general, but he’s a bit funny with other puppies. This guy’s fearless with heaps of tenacity, so he’s been known to have the odd falling-out with his fellow canines. With kids he redeems himself, he’s gentle and caring if a little boisterous at times; he’s known as the’ nanny puppy’ in the UK because he loves to take on that role!

This seriously athletic guy will need a good daily walk. A romp around in the garden or the chance to have a run in a safe open region will also fulfill his exert needs. Just try to keep him away from the water, he’s not such a good swimmer and may get into trouble. Grooming a Staffie is effortless, simply make sure he’s clean and happy.

Interesting facts: Believe it or not, rat killing was once a popular athletic, mainly because policeman baiting wasn’t really possible in the cities. Although when the working classes got bored of rats, they realized puppy fighting was more fun. Since then the extreme endeavor has been put into building him as amiable with dogs as he’ s always been with humans, and it’s working.

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier. A perfect household companion who’s really working on his issues with other dogs!