Pit Bulls Make for Good Guard Dogs


[VIDEOS:] Pit bulls are intimidating guards and quite scary when they attack, as seen in the video below. But they can also be scarde-y cats.  See the difference in the 2 videos below!

Credit: Bulletproof Pitbulls

Credit: CNN

A pit bull is one of the breeds that can be trained as guard and/or attack dogs. Their physique, bravery, and intelligence can really be helpful to humans when performing these daunting tasks. Other breeds that be trained for this type of role are: Rottweiler, Bullmastiff, German shepherd, American Bulldog, and the American Pit Bull Terrier.

Tough Training

The training for a guard dog is quite tough. According to the US Army Field Manual FM-740, guard dogs cannot be friendly with anyone but its owner. If you really want your pit bull to fill this position, enroll your pet into training just like in the first video.

This is; however, not the desire of most dog owners. Many want a guard dog for their home; not a dog ready to attack! 

Training for a Guard for Your Home

A guard dog needs to be well socialized, confident, and not aggressive. Interested in his owners every move is also a must.  So, follow these steps in turning your dog into a domestic watch dog but still retaining its gentle and friendly ways. Here they are:

  1. Start with obedience training: Your dog must be responsive to all fundamental commands. Sitting, lying down and should come to you 100% of the time, when called.
  2. Stop trying when commands are not followed consistently, or if new commands cannot be understood. Might not be the right dog for guarding duties.
  3. Socialization must be instilled into your pit bull pet’s system way before it’s 16 weeks old.
  4. The dog should recognize the people and be friendly.
  5. Your dog should bark on command and must also stop when told.
  6. Teach your dog to bark at approaching strangers. It’s important that a dog can bark and “attack” when needed.
  7. Allow your dog to defend you. See if your dog becomes more confident after the exercise triggering him to attack.
  8. Teach your dog to back off at one command. It must protect you but he must always be willing to release the person.
  9. As your dog attempts to bite  the stranger he should be told to “leave it”. Don’t forget to praise your pet every time it correctly follows a command.

Be patient in the training because the reward will be enormous. After all, a pit bull would hate displeasing its master.

Source: Guarddogtraining