Shocking Story Hits The News About Pitbull… Pitbull Lovers Devastated


Why would someone just throw their pet out off a cliff. What can be the cause behind such a horrible act?

If you don’t want to take care of your dog anymore, just leave it at a shelter. Although the idea of leaving your dog is sad, it’s still better than throwing off a cliff.

That’s exactly what Reuben Roque of Los Angeles saw on his neighbor’s security camera. Someone carried back this pit bull out of the car and threw it down a cliff.

But luckily, the dog was destined to live thanks to a bush that broke the pup’s fall. The police are working on the case of finding the person responsible for this.

Roque felt like he had to do something, so he offered to foster the dog.

“I’ve seen that video three or four times and every time I’ve seen it I don’t know…I’ve seen ugly things in the world,” a tearful Roque told Fox 11.

But there’s a reason why Roque was touched by this unfortunate event. Roque is a combat veteran, and dealing with trauma is not a new experience for him.

Roque and the pit bull became extremely close during the fostering period.

“I think I may have seen a little bit of me going to through transitions and what not but she’s a sweet dog,” he said to Fox 11.

The pit bull has to spend 72 in the care of animal control. Roque is planning to adopt her, if no one calls and identifies as the owner.


The happy ending

This pit bull was lucky enough to have someone like Roque watching on her. It seems like they’re meant to be together.

“The Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control was shocked and horrified to see this video.  Animal cruelty is a serious crime, and the Department is thoroughly investigating this case to identify the perpetrator and identify which criminal charges may be referred to the District Attorney’s office. “

“We hope this individual will be identified by a FOX 11 viewer so we can complete our investigation and find justice for the beautiful, sweet dog.” – Marcia Mayeda, the director of the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control.

The police is working on tacking down the person responsible for this. The car he drove at the scene was a silver Audi, and he was wearing glasses as well.

We truly hope that the police will catch the suspect and bring justice to the poor dog. We’re thankful that Roque was there to balance the good VS evil in this world!