Pit Bull
If there are social butterflies among the dog breeds, it’s the pit bull. Since a strong bond between owners and these gentle giants is crucial, you have to be committed to giving quality time should you get a pit bull.

Ideal Owner Check

If you’re still deciding whether to get a pit bull or not, answer these questions first:

  • are you athletic and fun-loving?
  • do you have the energy to chase or look for your dog in case it runs away from you?
  • do you have enough space in your home for it to run around in?
  • are you open to putting a microchip in your pet in case it gets lost?

Shared Responsibility

It is important to note that everyone in the household share care for your pet pit bull. Here are a few reminders:

  • Don’t leave it alone for long periods of time. You will have to deal with dog anxiety and depression big time if your pit bull is isolated. Depressed dogs may exhibit aggressive or different behavior.
  • Make sure to bring your dog whenever possible. If you can take your dog sightseeing or just for a walk, this can have a positive impact on their character and behavior. 

More Activities

Make sure to engage your dog in various activities that it might enjoy. Remember, having a pet is kind of like having a kid as well. Like humans, it could get bored too!

  • Simply playing fetch with your dog could have a positive impact on your dog.
  • Swimming, running, playing Frisbee and just romping around in the great outdoors are excellent ways to spend good time with your pooch.

Pit Bull
Situations to Anticipate

1. Finding beneficial places to walk and run with your pit bull could be a challenge.
2. Incidents or fights with another dog can cause you injuries. A break stick must be handy to loosen a bite.
3. Your dog can be impounded for silly reasons.

It is so important getting to know your dog from the start. Then you’ll know when it’s ready to mingle. Better to be safe than fall as victim of people who are judgmental on powerful-looking dogs even if your dog is just like a big baby.

Pit Bull
Familiar Haven

Your genuine love to for your pet might lead you to places or communities wherein everyone else can appreciate your dog as well. Your pet could be happier having playmates, too. 

Pit Bull
Warn Visitors

Train your dog to be friendly towards new people. Pit bulls can be wary of strangers but the same can be said for other dog breeds. If you’re still in the process of training your pet, make sure that you warn any friends or family members who might swing by your house. 

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