Are Pit Bull Heroes The Exception Or The Rule?


Pit Bull heroes: are they the exception or the rule? For decades now, the narrative for Pit Bulls can be summarized in one word: “Dangerous.” Whether this descriptive is fair or not, it became the norm for describing the breed or type.

Perception Defines your Opinion More or Less

Pit Bull heroesTo change a person’s perception is not as hard as one might think, but by no means is it easy. There are many people who are ignorant when it comes to this topic.

Maybe sharing these stories of Pit Bulls being portrayed in a heroic light just might help to sway just one more to the facts.

When Called, a Hero Always Answers

Pit Bull heroesMeet Max, a Pit Bull credited with saving the life of his owner. Julian Terrance (Max’s owner) found Max when he was still a puppy.

When Julian found Max, he was in a dark place emotionally. Julian recalled that it was right after his son had died. If that wasn’t bad enough, Julian was also homeless.

Julian credits Max with giving him the strength to keep going. It may not be readily apparent to some, but having a purpose or reason to keep moving forward makes all the difference in the world.

An Unbreakable Bond Between a Man and His Pet

Pit BullJulian and Max crossed paths at a time when they both needed someone the most. Together, they made each other’s lives a little less dark and a little more bearable.

In essence, Max saved Julian’s life by giving him unconditional love.

Julian and Max lived on the streets of Detroit, Michigan. As you might imagine, the winters in Detroit are unforgiving. However, that still was not enough to break the bond between Max and Julian.

Never Forget Those Who Were There in Your Time of Need

Pit Bull heroesAs the case often is in life, bonds are tested. This particular test came in the form of a choice given to Julian. Julian had a relative that offered him a place to stay. A warm place with an actual roof over his head and out of the influence of the elements.

But there was one catch, Julian could not bring Max with him.

Julian did not hesitate to give his relative an answer. Julian politely declined the offer. He had not forgotten how Max had saved his life. Max’s loyalty to him changed his life for the better and he was more than willing to make the sacrifice for the only true friend he had.

Opportunity Can Appear When We Least Expect it

Pit Bull heroesTheir opportunity came in the form of the “313 K9 and Kitty Rescue”. They found Julian and Max walking down the street.

They offered to foster Max so that he and Terrance would have a place to stay. This was a tremendous burden taken off of Terrance’s shoulders.

Since then, “313 K9 and Kitty Rescue” has raised enough money to pay for two months rent on a pet-friendly apartment for the two. To make matters even better, Terrance has been offered a job.

More Heroic Examples of Pit Bulls That Are Setting the Standard

Pit Bull heroesHere is another shining example that Pit Bulls are heroes too. Meet Sweet Dee, she is a hero and a Pit Bull. Sweet Dee was a rescue pup, saved by Elliot and Erin.

Elliot recalls walking around his living room one morning while his wife, Erin, slept in the bedroom. Suddenly, he collapsed on the couch while suffering from an apparent heart attack.

At that moment, Sweet Dee recognized that there was something wrong with Elliot. She immediately ran to the bedroom where Erin was sleeping. Sweet Dee began to bark and jump on the bed, Erin recalls.

A Hero When One was Needed Most

Pit Bull heroesErin knew that there was something wrong when Sweet Dee refused to stop barking. Erin recalls getting up and following their loyal pet to the living room where she found her husband collapsed on the couch.

She immediately called 911 and began to administer CPR. Elliot was saved and it was all because of Sweet Dee.

There are plenty of instances of these types of stories, but the overall consensus is to summarily dismiss them as simple anomalies. I see them as proof that the same old Pit Bull narrative needs to be amended.

Don’t Stories Like These Contradict the “Dangerous” Label?

Pit Bull heroesSo, do stories like these contradict the “Dangerous” label? These stories of heroic acts being carried out by Pit Bulls should be taken at face value. If brutal attacks are viewed as proof, then so should acts of heroism.

I say that it does because the label is attached to all. When someone says all, that is exactly what it means. Others will back off from being as rigid and state most, but most wouldn’t be accurate as well given the approximate number of Pit Bulls.

There seems to be a more positive trend of Pit Bulls being used in a more noble cause. It is becoming more frequent that law enforcement is using Pit Bulls in the police force.

Can the Recent Law Enforcement Trend Change the Public’s Opinion of Pit Bulls?

Pit Bull heroesOfficer Mason Paden of the Stafford Police Department in Hutchinson, Kansas seems to think so.

His department added their newest member to their police force and he is a Pit Bull.

Meet Kano, a full-blood, red-nose Pit Bull. The 55-pound puppy was named after a character from Mortal Kombat because of his unique eye color and patches. Kano has one brown eye and one blue eye.

Is it Possible This Trend Becomes the Norm for Pit Bulls?

Pit BullsKano is the first Pit Bull police officer for the Stafford Police Department. He is trained in locating marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, and ecstasy.

Kano’s handler, Officer Mason Paden, is aware of the stereotype associated with Pit Bulls. He also realizes that because of that, some may be leery of a Pit Bull serving on the Police force. He voiced his concerns on the matter in a Facebook post.

“I have always been ‘pro-Pit Bull’ these dogs are misunderstood… Just like people, dogs are individuals too!,” he posted on Facebook. “Kano and I plan to get out there and help try to change the bad name that so many have given the Pit Bull.”

What do You Believe?

Pit BullSo are Pit Bull heroes the exception or the rule? That, again, depends on who you ask. Furthermore, the answer you receive will depend on which side of the debate that particular person agrees with.

There truly is no accurate way to determine by-the-numbers data to support or oppose this idea. It really comes down to what you believe.

So, what side of the debate do you agree with?