Things to Consider When Moving with a Pit Bull



Oh no! I’ve got a pit bull and have to move

Being a responsible pet owner is difficult enough. It becomes even more of an issue when the pet is a pit bull and you are looking to move. Many neighbors will walk on the other side of the streets. Many kids will not be allowed to visit. As with any dog breed, the owner has to work with the animal to ensure proper behavior and acceptance in the new digs.

Start as soon as you are aware you are moving

It is difficult enough having to move much less with the potential restrictions associated with a pit bull. Do not procrastinate. Review your options early and talk with a local rescue organization. They may be able to make suggestions as to where to turn.

First, determine if the community has any restrictions

Many communities have placed restrictions on pit bulls. A majority involve spading and neutering of the pet which a responsible pet owner would do.

However recently many local bans have been lifted. “It’s becoming more and more obvious that breed-specific legislation doesn’t improve public safety,” says Janis Bradley director of communication for the National Canine Research Council (NCRC). This is especially the case when one considers there is tremendous debate as to what a pit bull actually is.

Where to look

The best place to look is a single family rental. Many pit bull owners have had excellent luck leasing from military families. Large apartment complexes are to be avoided. Very rarely do they allow dogs, much less one considered as a pit bull. 

Financial Incentives

When all else fails offer money! Increasing the security deposit, adding a renter’s policy listing the landlord, are just a couple of the ideas suggested to sweeten the pot. After all, your pet is a family member.

Before moving, create an awesome doggie resume

It is easier to plead your case for allowing the dog when you can document his achievements. Seriously, listing training, hobbies and references can help put the landlord at ease. Make it professional, eye-catching and complete. 

Complete The Canine Good Citizenship test

The American Kennel Club provides a test to ensure your dog acts appropriately when out in public. Covering a variety of behaviors- from reacting to other dogs– to coming when called- the test demonstrates the pit is responsive and will not interfere with others. Having the pit successfully complete the program will further document his socialization and ease the rental decision.  

Once you’re in

Obviously your goal is to be a great tenant and enhance the reputation of the breed. Leaving the place in the condition it was received will go a long ways towards achieving the end goal. Lastly, some great ideas:

  • If there is hardwood floors prevent damage by placing rugs throughout.
  • Make certain there are plenty of distractions to prevent destructive chewing on doors etc.
  • Don’t forget the lawn.

In a majority of instances, moving is not something one looks forward to. Hard work is involved, which is complicated when a pit bull is part of the family. Hopefully the suggestions above make the process less stressful.