Lullaby Rocks Dog to Sleep


A dog is sweetly sung to sleep by her human. Aww!
The backstory from the human: “The dog’s name is Tia. She is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross Breed, 5.5 years old. Both myself and Prakash have owned her since she was a 6wk old puppy. We are friends who live together and share ownership/ responsibility of her. I was previously scared of puppies and could not go nowhere near them. Tia changed that. I became very fond of her, and mothered her like a child! Prakash on the other hand is more disciplined and stricter. Call it a good policeman bad policeman routine!
From a very young age we tried our very best not to let her into the beds, but Tia being a smart dog realised that’s where she wanted to be at night. So I would often let her sneak into my bed, cuddle up next to her and sing her a lullaby until she fell asleep. I did this a lot when she was younger.
The other week, Tia was relaxing on the sofa in the middle of the afternoon, and I wanted to see if the Lullaby singing still ran. From the video you can see Tia was fully wide awake, and within seconds of hearing my voice and the recognise lullaby she instantly fell asleep to the phase where she started snoring minutes later! That’s the connection between me and Tia, the dog’s mother I guess !”