American Pit Bull Terrier – Top 10 Interesting Facts


The American Pit Bull Terrier is a companion and family dog breed.
There are TOP 10 interesting facts about American Pit Bull Terrier.

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1) Bloody Origin
Pit policemen were bred for a brutal lifestyle in Great Britain. The bulldog was intersected with either the white English terrier or the black-and-tan terrier to generate powerfully-built dogs for opposing. Blood sports such as policeman and bear baiting were popular in England as early as the 1200 s. Dogs would enter cavities and fight the giant animals for amusement( hence the name ). When baiting became illegal in England in the 1800 s, pit policemen were turned on one another and illegal puppy opposing became prevalent.
2) They are Friendly
When properly socialized and trained, pits can be some of the friendliest puppies you’ll gratify. While you should never say hello to a puppy you don’t know without first asking its owner, cavity bulls are naturally warm and kind-hearted canines.
3) Sports
The pit policeman is skilled in many activities and usually participates in agility, carting, competitive obedience, hunting, tracking and weight pulling. Pit policemen are tenacious: When they set their intellect to something, they often achieve it. For that reason, they construct great sporting dogs. Pitties tend to excel on agility or flyball courses where they can show off their strength and speed.
4) Family Dog
American pit bull terriers may need some PR help nowadays, but there was a hour when the breed was America’s favorite. Petey, the canine companion of the Little Rascals, was a pit, as well as Nipper, the RCA dog, and Tige, the Buster Brown shoe mascot.
5) Army Mascot
World War I propaganda posters would adopt the images of puppies to symbolize different countries. Germany was represented by the dachshund, England by the bulldog, and the United States by the pit bull. Respected for their loyalty, determination and courage, they were considered the ideal candidate.
6) Appearance
Strong and stocky, yet light on his feet, the pit bull may pack more muscles per pound of body weight than any other breed. The pit policeman has a low center of gravity, and seems slightly longer than tall. The muscles of the neck and head are especially well developed. The eyes are small, and the ears may be cropped or uncropped( the latter are rose-shaped ). This dog is heavy for his sizing, weighing about 55 to 70 pounds( 25 to 32 kilograms ). He stands between 17 and 19 inches. The coat is short and sleek. Any color is acceptable, although coats with more than 80 percentage either white, black and tan, or liver are least preferred.
7) Outlaw
Pit Bulls are proscribed in many cities, forbidden in many apartment complexes that otherwise allow puppies, and may create your homeowner’s insurance. Before getting a Pittie, consider whether your current and future situations will allow you to keep it.
8) Not a Guard Dog
Despite their reputation, Pit Bulls aren’t considered great guard dogs by those in the know. They’re too trusting of humans, and may greet an invader as a new friend.
9) Living With
Life with a pit policeman is always an adventure. These are fun-loving dogs that are always up for a game. They must have a vigorous exercise period every day. Although they are tough puppies, they are not cold weather dogs and should be shielded from the elements. Pit bulls should be obedience developed because it is a good bonding activity. Because they are very often not good with other dogs, they should be kept on a leash when around them.
10) Grooming
Their grooming requirements are minimal. This dog’s short hair constructs for easy grooming. Light grooming and bathing are only required once in a while for upkeep and cleanliness. No stripping or trimming is required.