An Amazing Story of Two Bonded Pitbulls


Two bonded cavity bulls They are clearly needed to be together and that exactly what happened
After their dog of nine years passed away, adopting another dog — let alone two — was the last thing on the Birster family’s mind.
But that promptly changed once they considered a photo of Bonnie and Clyde, two bonded cavity policemen being housed at ACCT Philly — and learned that the bonded pair could soon be separated.
Theywere a bonded pair of puppies surrendered by their owner in March 2014. The day after they were surrendered to the shelter, our own puppy of nine years passed away.
It was the worst period of my life and my husband and I were destroyed ,” Kathryn Birstersaid
” He was not just our puppy, he was our child. We were absolutely not looking to adopt again any time soon .”
A week afterwards, Birster considered the photo of Bonnie( mostly white with places) and Clyde( brown and white) for the first time on Facebook.
The Facebook post noted that the dogs were in paired housing and waiting to be adopted. There was a lot of interest in fostering or adopting Clyde but not a lot of interest in Bonnie.
They are clearly needed to be together might be separated Something stirred in Birster when she began thinking about how these two dogs, who clearly loved one another, might lose one another.
Bonded pairs are often difficult to adopt out, Most people come into the adoption process planning to adopt one pet.
Birster and her husband decided to start taking the first steps
And spending some time with them.
Birster and her husband knew they couldn’t left open behind, and completed the adoption process, bringing them home.