6 Awesome And Heroic Pit Bulls We Love


Thanks to the people who train and raise them to do awful things like fight, pit bulls have been called dangerous, aggressive and even killers. But people around them know how loyal, intelligent, and loving partners they are. Despite being terribly abused, the following dogs are rescues who are still amazingly sweet natured.

  1. Maggie

When Maggie was only eight weeks old, she was adopted from Humane Society Silicon Valley by her family. Jessica, their 7th-grader daughter, convinced her family to sign up for the kitten fostering program because she is a devoted animal lover. Jessica and Maggie happily began sharing foster duties because Maggie quickly showed a fondness and motherly attitude toward the family’s foster kittens. She has helped foster more than 80 kittens, making them ready for their new families.

  1. Ox

On an organic, sustainable, multi-generational farm in Bluffton, Georgia, Ox lives a pretty normal and relaxed life. He is often riding in the truck with his owner Will Harris and greeting visitors. And one day, they heard Ox barking incessantly. At White Oak Pastures, there is a several hundred gallon waste-water holder pond. The Great Pyrenees, one of their guardian dogs, had fallen into it. Ox was barking for over an hour until he finally got someone’s attention. The team got the Pyrenees out and were able to save him. The other dog would have drowned if had it not been for Ox.

  1. K9 Kiah

Kiah is a heroic narcotics detection dog for the City of Poughkeepsie Police Department. Kiah will be on duty after finishing up her training.

  1. Jericho

Jericho has a new life as a service dog for Matthew Smith, and he is a rescued dog who graduated from Animal Farm Foundation’s Assistance Dog Training Program. Jericho helps Matthew with mobility, balance and retrieving dropped items after he lost the use of his legs in a car accident and uses a wheelchair.

  1. Bella

Bella is a formerly neglected and abused dog. Now she shares her home with several other animals, including Mr.Brownlee, a Guinea pig. The dog Cody didn’t stop to running towards the guinea pig, even when the family yelled at him. And when a newly rescued dog started to run towards Mr.Brownlee, the family was sure he was done for. With body rigid, she stood in front of the guinea pig and would not let the other dog near him.  When he tried to move around her to get the guinea pig, she blocked him without bite or growl. She was here until the owner was able to get the pig.

  1. Elle

Elle is a pit bull that spends her days working in a dog reading program, as a therapy dog. She is an amazing Pitt that is helping change the world’s perception of the breed. She visits schools and teaches children dog safety. Ellie has won awards for her work, including Best Breed Ambassador Award, American Humane Assn. American Hero Dog, Golden Dog Award and much more.

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