5 Rottweiler Rescue Stories To Make Your Week Better


Rottweilers are one breed that people either love – or they are scared of. And since they are used as guard dogs, it isn’t surprising. This also makes Rotties one of the least adopted dogs – but they shouldn’t be! Below are profiles of five Rotties who were adopted in the past few years – and their profiles that made them perfect to their new Forever Families!


Lazarus’s Name Truly Fits Him

Upon intake to Animal Control, Lazarus was labeled as rescue only. He had a 4 inch hole in the side of his lower left chest. A section of skin had been torn away revealing the muscle and tissue below. Inside the wound the damage was more extensive. Most of the skin on the left hand side of his chest had been “de-gloved” from the underlying tissue. The wound field was so large that four drains had to be installed to facilitate drainage of fluids that would otherwise accumulate in the days and weeks following the surgery. Our talented vet at Hays Town Veterinary Hospital, Dr Kerri, was skillfully able to suture the wound closed and provided excellent aftercare over the following weeks. Adopted in May 2016. (source: Gulfstream Guardian Angels)

Gila Found Her New Family in May 2016

Gila is about 2yr old female that was an owner surrender to shelter due to escaping the fence and had entropion in both of her eyes. Poor thing was in a lot of pain. The shelter reached out and GGARR took her in. (source: Gulfstream Guardian Angels)

Leela Found Her New Home in April 2016

Leela is a wonderful Rottie, but her owner abandoned his family including LEELA. The wife is moving out of Florida, has no income and no place to keep her as she will be with living with family.
LEELA is everything any family could want in a dog. She is extremely sweet. Good with children and other dogs. Housebroken, she only wants attention and to be loved. Although she is 7 years old, she is VERY healthy and acts A LOT younger than 7. (source: Gulfstream Guardian Angels)

Sweet Emma Found Her Home in March 2016

Emma came to the rescue from Clay County Animal Control. She was a stray that had been found by a local resident who wanted to keep her, but the estimated costs of her veterinary needs was beyond the means of the resident, so Emma was turned over to Animal Control. (Gulfstream Guardian Angels)

Mr. Ranger Found His Forever Home in December 2015

His former owner reports that Ranger has had some obedience training; he knows his basic Sit, Stay and Down commands. He takes treats gently and no food aggression/guarding was reported by the former owner.
He loves car rides and sat calmly in the back seat checking out the scenery on the drive to his foster. This young handsome boy will be a popular dog so get your applications in soon! (source: Gulfstream Guardian Angels)