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5 Myths about Pit Bulls That People Believe They’re True

By Nenad Dojcinovski | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-30

The easiest way to solve a problem is to simply point a finger at someone. Whenever a pit bull is involved in an incident, we hardly ever get the chance to hear the other side of the story. They’re simply labeled as dangerous and aggressive.

But is that really the truth, or just myths coming from bad examples?

The only thing these dogs need from us is a second chance. The myths you’re about to see will change the way you think about pit bulls.

They have locking jaws

People think pit bulls have locking jaws, thanks to a special physical mechanism. But the truth is, they have the same jaw as any other breed. The reason why these dogs don’t let go easily is because of their determination. They’re highly enthusiastic dogs, and that’s why when they bite down on something they’re not letting go easily.

Pit bulls are vicious

It’s sad how the entire breed is being generalized based on the actions of a few bad people. Regardless of the breed, every dog has a different personality. Pit bulls are different in reality. They’re caring, protective and one of the safest dogs to have around children.

They’re aggressive towards other dogs

They’re only aggressive towards other dogs if they’re abused or trained to fight. They’re loyal and generally love being around people.

It is dangerous to adopt a Pit Bull

People think that adopting an adult pit bull is a bad idea. You don’t know their past, or their genetics. But like we mentioned, every dog is different. We’ve see a lot of example of abused pit bulls turning into a loving and protective pets. Even pit bulls that were trained to fight can turn into a normal pet.

It is better to adopt a Pit Bull puppy

The only reason why it’s better to adopt a pit bull puppy is because they’re adorable. It’s a fact that dogs develop their personality when they mature. Which means you don’t really know what you’re getting when you adopt a puppy.

Just like every other dog, you’re pit bull pup can mature into a dominant dog. But it submissive with people and other dogs as well.

You can notice aggression among dogs only after they mature. So rescuing a pit bull from a shelter, or adopting a pit bull puppy won’t really make a big difference.

They’re dangerous around kids

Before people started to train them to fight, pit bulls were known as nanny dogs. Families were comfortable to leave their kids with a pit bull. Even though their reputation isn’t all that positive, they still are a peaceful beast of a dog that’s going to be loyal to you and your family.

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