Pit Bull Goes from Dog Fighting Victim to Loving Pet.


This is the story of a Pit Bull that goes from being a Dog Fighting victim to a loving pet. Ursula, the Pit Bull, is finally seen as the loving pet she was born to be.

Dog Fighting Victim Proves that Change is Possible.

Dog Fighting VictimAs almost anyone can tell you, Dog Fighting is one of the most heinous acts of animal cruelty.

There are laws that prohibit the practice in all 50 states, yet it still persists.

I dare say that the usual comparison to an epidemic is fitting. There does not seem to be an end or much in way of a deterrent.

The Pit Bull Breed is the Most Likely Dog Fighting Victim.

The Pit Bull breed is the most sought-after of all the dog breeds.

In fact, puppy mills are notorious for churning out Pit Bull after Pit Bull just to keep up with demands.

The Pit Bulls tenacity and willingness to please their owners makes them ideal candidates for Dog Fighting.

The Pit Bull Appears to be its Own Worst Enemy.

Dog Fighting VictimThe breed is said to be moldable, which is great because that is part of the reason they are such great pets.

However, the flip-side of this characteristic is the fact that this holds true regardless of their owner’s temperament.

The Pit Bull Breed overall is known to be extensions of their owner’s personality and in the wrong hands, this can spell disaster.

How BSL Continues to Fail the Public and the Dogs it is Supposed to Protect.

Routinely, BSL promotes safety and an unwavering mission to stop Dog Fighting, but it has yet to deliver on that promise.

However, nonprofit organizations, rescue groups, and law enforcement continue to do what BSL cannot. Actually, make our communities safer.

Case in point, the story of Ursula, the Pit Bull.

A Journey into Darkness that Lead One Pit Bull to the Light.

Dog Fighting VictimBarbara T. understands what it is like to have a bumpy start in life.

As a supervisor for the New York City Department of Probation, Barbara works with teenagers from troubled backgrounds.

With patience and kindness, she provides needed services and second chances to teens in need.

How it All began for Ursula the Pit Bull.

However, recently, Barbara’s compassion extended toward someone outside of her normal circle.

Barbera’s work leads her to someone who walks on four legs instead of two.

That, someone, was Ursula, a five-year-old pit bull who was rescued in July 2014 by the NYPD and ASPCA.

The Long Journey Almost Seems Like Destiny.

Dog Fighting VictimIf someone were to say that Ursula too had a bumpy start, they would be correct. In fact, most would say that it was an understatement.

Especially, if you knew of Ursula’s traumatizing past.

Before her rescue, Ursula was part of a Dog Fighting operation along with two dozen other dogs.

The Long Road to Freedom for a Dog Fighting Victim.

Believe it or not, this entire operation was run from a home located in Queens, New York.

However, thanks to Barbara, this Dog Fighting victim has gotten a second chance and a new lease on life.

Ursula was cared for at the ASPCA for nearly a year after her rescue and she did not meet Barbara until the following summer.

A Chance Meeting and a Chance at a New Life.

Dog Fighting VictimAccording to the ASPCA, Ursula’s journey was a long and slow recovery.

“She was traumatized like a lot of the kids I work with,” Barbara says. “She had been neglected and abused.”

This all came together when Barbara and her daughter, Alexandra, made a visit to the ASPCA Adoption Center.

Fate or Destiny, You Be the Judge.

At the time, they were looking to adopt a dog.

Their family had recently lost their cocker spaniel, Toby, to inoperable cancer.

“There was a void in our lives,” Barbara explains.

Sometimes Tragedy Leads You to Where You are Meant to be.

Dog Fighting VictimAs they tell it, Barbara and Alexandra walked through the dog enclosures and they passed by Ursula.

Barbara admitted that she noticed that Ursula was a pit bull and initially she was hesitant.

The reason for her hesitation is the same as it is for most people. She judged Ursula by her appearance and her breed.

You Still Cannot Judge a Book or Dog by its Cover.

Barbara recalls that Alexandra saw something special in the black-and-white Pit Bull (Ursula).

Even though the prevalent scarring on her face, head, and legs gave away her cruel past.

“‘Why don’t you take another look at Ursula, Mom?’” Barbara recalls her daughter asking.

An Unexplainable Connection that Became an Unbreakable Bond.

Dog Fighting VictimThey observed how calm Ursula was and noted her dark, almond-shaped eyes.

“There was a gentleness that stood out,” Barbara remembers. “Her eyes were beautiful and kind.”

“My heart went out to her when I found she was used for dogfighting and possibly as bait,” she adds.

Even After Ursula was Given the Chance to be Free and Happy, She still was Reluctant.

“Part of her ear is torn and bitten off, and she has ‘survivor marks’ all over her face and legs. But she is the gentlest, sweetest soul,” said Barbara.

“When we got home I was concerned about whether we made the right decision,” admits Barbara.

Barbara recalls that Ursula was very timid and kept her eyes closed much of the time. “She wasn’t opening up; it’s almost as if she wanted to be invisible.”

Ursula’s Forever Home Almost Wasn’t.

Dog Fighting VictimBarbara considered returning Ursula to the ASPCA, thinking perhaps Ursula missed the staff who had cared for her.

She remembers her husband calling an ASPCA representative who encouraged the family to be patient with Ursula’s adjustment period.

Luckily, that patience paid off for all parties involved.

Sometimes, Things Have a Way of Working Out Regardless of Circumstances or Obstacles.

Dog Fighting Victim“We gave her the time she needed to open up, and she eventually came around,” Barbara explains.

“Those beautiful eyes opened. And after a few months, she even barked, something we didn’t know she was capable of.”

Though it took time, Ursula’s behavior began to indicate a level of trust with her new pet parents. Something that can be extremely difficult to find for victims of abuse.