All About Picking Golden Retriever Puppies


Who doesn’t love puppies? I honestly think that if someone out there does, they must have had a miserable childhood. Puppies are the iconic image of all that is cute, especially golden retriever puppies. I mean think about it. Remember all those commercials around Christmas time? Every time there is a commercial with Santa Claus and a mischievous puppy, it is usually always a golden retriever. I’ll leave you with the cuddly image of Santa puppies, while we discuss more about these cute little floofs.

Don’t you just melt every time your golden retriever pup gives you those puppy eyes? Golden Retrievers are notoriously loyal and obedient. They form very strong bonds with their human family. This is especially a plus for large families and those who have children. Your golden retriever pup will grow up loving to play with kids and will most likely be a social butterfly. On the downside, they sometimes don’t make for excellent guard dogs.

Here are some tips for choosing a puppy. Don’t believe that you should let the puppy choose you. The gentler puppies who wait politely in the background get ignored this way. There are alpha and beta pooches and if we always let the pups choose us, beta dogs would be out in the cold.

Sure, these alpha pups are a blast to play with for a little while. But they can drive you crazy within a day or two in your own home. They can also be more difficult to train.

According to Your Pure Breed Puppy, you should pay attention to the litter as a group. If there are four puppies and three of them are staying at arm’s length or woofing suspiciously at you, this is probably a very risky litter.

A Litter of Golden Retriever  Puppies
A Litter of Golden Retriever Puppies

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What about the fourth puppy? You should still proceed with caution. He could have inherited the same shy or distrustful genes and it simply hasn’t caught up to him yet.

Shy puppies become shy adult dogs. A puppy who tucks his tail or shrinks away from you is not a safe choice as a pet. This is especially true if you have children. That dog could be difficult to live with and who may even snap defensively if startled or frightened.

Normal puppies are friendly, curious, and trusting. They walk around your feet, tug at your shoelaces, crawl into your lap, nibble on your fingers, and just generally toddle around checking everything out. Much like a human toddler. Hopefully minus the nibbling.

After viewing the pups as a group, ask the breeder if you can see each puppy who is available for sale, individually. This is an important step in choosing puppies. You want to see how each puppy reacts when he is away from his litter mates. After all, that’s how it’s going to be at your house.

Hopefully with all these tips in mind, you should have an easier time picking a golden retriever puppy. Too many puppies and dogs are abandoned when their humans are faced with the reality of the job as pet owners. Being “puppy savvy” is the first step towards making sure that doesn’t happen.