Trampas will be 10 this year. He is a street rescue. “He is guarding my boot…he loves to go riding:)”  Image sent in by Michelle.

 “Bella and Bo.”

“They were rescued from the same organization a month apart. We brought Bella in for a visit and one look at Bo, the black lab, we knew he had to come home with us. These pups have been the best blessing to our family.” Image sent in by Meghan.  

Meet Star

“This is Star, my latest rescue pup ( I have 3 southern rescue dogs!). Star was pulled from a kill shelter in Texas on her euthanasia day in September 2016. Lucky dog! it was an ordeal to get her saved in time as I live on the other side of the country in New Hampshire. I contacted several local Texas rescues to help me get her pulled before I finally found one to help. I lucked out finding some great women down south to work with, but it was a stressful and emotional couple of days trying to get everything coordinated in time to rescue Star from so far away. Star is now one happy dog, living in her forever home on a New Hampshire horse farm.”  Image sent in by Tori. 

Introducing Chloe

“This is my rescue dog Chloe she likes to dress up. I should say my granddaughter likes to dress her up.” Image sent in by Vicki. 

Happy One Month Anniversary Asher!

“Today marks our one month! With our Asher! He has changed a lot! From being so neglected to being so spoiled! By us and our family! He is still learning his way around the house and is very protective of me! With him being a surrender dog and being neglected it’s hard at times with him, he gets scared of car rides (possibly thinks we are taking him back), to touch him is hard too…who knows what our little guy has gone through…but let me say this! He will never have to worry about being left behind, having no food, or nowhere to sleep! Because he is our little grandpa (my dad calls him that) and he is loved by all his new family! Images sent in by Tyler.

The Mysterious and Beautiful, Nala 

‘This is my rescue dog from bali her name Is Nala. We moved her out of bali into Sweden. She is now 2 years old.” Image sent in by Skipp. 


“This is my girl Haley. We rescued each other, thanx to my precious lil man Spike who got his wings Sept. 30, 2015.” Image sent in by Terisa.  

 The Beautiful Bella

“My beautiful Bella rescued me in Indiana. I saw her on the humane society website and when I met her in person she melted my soul.” Image sent in by Jill.


“This is our little boy Kayo who we adopted over a year and a half ago. He came from someone who couldn’t take care of him so we decided to adopt him and give him the much-needed love and attention he deserved. After full vet care (didn’t go to the vet for years) and became familiar with playing outside (he didn’t go out much with his previous owner) Kayo is now the happiest pup ever!” Image sent in by Shadia. 

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