Forgotten Matted Dog Has Her First Beauty Treatment At The Shelter


Malu was found wandering the streets of a suburbium in Athens, Greece. Probably abandoned some time ago, her matted hair, her long claws and various meanders in her body were signed of long time forget. She was rescued by Save a Greek Stray, and currently lives at the shelter, where she will receive traeatment for leishmaniasis and ehrichia. Malu is a very sweet and cooperative dog, and her tale is no different from that of most abandoned/ stray puppies in Greece. Regrettably their numbers outstrips the number of dogs that can be rescued by shelters and be rehomed. All animal welfare organizetions in Greece, including Save a Greek Stray are private initiative, based on volunteer work and donations. For more info on Malu’s story contact the shelter at: info @saveagreekstray. com or visit their Facebook page: https :// saveagreekstray/? fref= ts