The amount of Exercise Dogs Should Get…is there a limit?

You can’t really say by looking at their never-ending energy. Dogs are seemingly tireless. Not only can they run with you on your morning jogging routine, but they have enough energy to chase squirrels and run around without any purpose for the rest of the day. 

We would be lucky to have half of all that energy, right? But should we be wary of over-exercising our dogs? 

Dogs make the best workout buddies. They never whine about ‘too much running’ or bail on you at the last minute. Also, they are usually the ones who make you go out for a run. Oh, is it raining? Well, they don’t care! And so should you! We hear all the time the stories of dogs who save people from disasters, burning buildings, and so on and so forth. But they also save their owners by making them exercise more!

Research from Michigan State University found that dog owners were 34% more likely to get the advised 150 minutes of workout a week than people who didn’t have a dog.

it is especially true when you have a German Shepherd. Not only do these dogs require much more physical activity to develop their bodies than most usual dogs, they also have the mentality of an outdoor dog. Remember, this breed was created for the sole purpose of herding sheep on the vast meadows, hills, and fields of Europe. This is where they naturally belong and what they really get a kick out of.

This is why by exercising your dog you’re not simply keeping them in good shape and warding off potential disease, this also fulfills their purpose! And it doesn’t have to be a marathon or Bolt-like sprints!

Even if you’re simply taking out your dog for a stroll – this really matters for their development. 

To put it simply – there can hardly be a limit to the walks, strolls or jogging you can do with your dog.

Moving at a steady pace you can burn up to 170 calories in 30 minutes. That’s not bad for a simple walk. Put a bunch of exercises on top of that and a morning walk with your dog can substitute a whole weekend at the gym for you! 

While there is no real limit to physical exercise and fun activities you can do with your dog that will harm them (obviously, you have to monitor your dog’s attitude and see if they’re up for another stroll), there is definitely a potential harm in a lack of exercise!

Vets claim, that every dog, and especially larger breeds, like the German Shepherd, require numerous little strolls spread out throughout the day. 

This is essential for their development and growth. These can even be 10-minute walks in circles in the back yard. The matter of fact is that dogs need to exercise their joints and muscles in order to stay healthy, let alone fit.

Many fitness coaches say, that exercising with a friend is a better way to get great results. So, if you’ve got a dog – there’s really no better way to get going! 

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