Many Think German Shepherds Can’t Live in Tiny Flats – Reality Proves Them Wrong


Dogs are super energetic creatures

They need room to run, play, sleep and go about doing whatever dogs do. With no outlet for their energy, you can really cause serious discomfort for your pet. On the other hand – dogs are real survivors. In simpler terms – they will adapt to any given situation, even if it’s not perfect for then. Sure, a house with a small yard would be great. But dogs can easily adjust to smaller spaces and studio apartments. The main ingredient for their wellbeing will always be the way you take care of your dog. It’s completely normal to have your dog (even if it’s a massive German Shepherd) live in your tiny flat. But only as long as you satisfy the dog’s need to exercise. If your pet is getting their morning and evening walks, you’ll be fine.

The issue of space is extremely important for dog owners

Not only is it more preferable to have a bigger place if you have a dog, but it’s not always legal to have a pet in an apartment! Pet-friendly apartments are difficult to find, because the landlord would, obviously, prefer no pets in their apartments. On top of that, since the options are scarce, they jack up the prices and you can be left with little or no choices left. You have to have a great credit and be able to support your application with some pretty great recommendations from previous landlords. Believe it or not, some tenants go as far as creating CVs for their pets! It might be a simple way to set yourself apart from the crowd, and it might be a rather effective one. The landlord will clearly see that you’ll put enough effort and take it very seriously. Maybe that is exactly the thing that will land you your new flat.

If you don’t have much space – make the most of it!

Giving your dog a private nook or spot is absolutely essential. German Shepherds are very protective dogs. That’s why they need to have their own bed and ‘territory’. Segregating the little space you have into zones for playing, chilling, eating and sleeping will do miracles. Space management is an art, especially, when there’s not a lot of space to manage. It’ll be easier for your German Shepherd to adjust to the living space when everything is in order and easy to understand. When you have this routine going on, your pet will easily adapt to your pace and your living arrangements. 

Keep the main thing in focus

Having lots of space is not what makes dogs happy. And everyone knows it. Showering your dog with love and affection is much more important for a dog than being able to run around through endless hallways or in the backyard. You can create a nice cozy atmosphere for you and your pet in a small place and if you feel like ‘spreading your shoulders’ a bit – hey, you can always go out for a walk!