Man Befriends Stray Dog That He Wouldn’t Leave Behind


I have some amazing news to share about the abandoned dog Chance, who the world has fallen in love with! However it didn’t come without having to make one of the hardest decisions of my life. Chance has been given a new home with a loving household in England who has sadly lately lost their old Labrador dog. To get her to England is a quick 3-4 week wait before she can start her new life. However, to get her to Australia would mean she would be get tested and quarantined and not to mention the long flight back all of which would be putting her under unfair stress and trauma. Therefore it would take over 7 month ago she could begin her new life. She has been through a rough time as it is, so as heartbreaking to me as this is; I know this is the right decision for her sake.
This was never about me, it was about constructing sure Chance didn’t have to expend another night on the street, and because of all of you that is now the case. So hence as rehousing her in England is much less stress for her and much more affordable, the donations Chance has received have been refunded( takes 2-5 business days ). If you would like to donate the money to other worthy charities that help out animals just like Chance I recommend CARE Corfu and Corfu Animal Welfare( The Ark ).
I’d like to take the opportunity once again to thank you for all your generosity, trust and desire to help this very lucky puppy. It is so heartwarming to know there are many other passionate people who care for the well being of puppies such as Chance! I have left a video below of when I received Chance, and will post a video of her in her new home when she arrives.