Tips to Combat Golden Retriever Shedding


According to, Goldens shed almost all year round. Not to mention there are at least two times a year that they shed even more than usual. Golden retrievers need to be brushed daily and regular use of an undercoat rake will significantly improve the shedding.

That sounds like a lot of work compared to shorter hair dogs. Of course, golden retriever owners love their pups enough to take on the extra responsibility. Besides, no one likes to sit on a sofa covered in dog hair! With that said, I bring you some tips to make the de-shedding process go by a little bit smoother.

Get a Lint Remover Brush: A lot of golden retriever owners will tell you that with this particular breed, it seems like the shedding never stops. They shed moderately in summer and winter, and even more in spring and fall. This means that no matter what you will have to accept the fact that your house will probably never be completely hair free. A lint remover brush can help at least tone things down a bit and will work wonders at getting hair off of your clothes.

Brush, Brush, Brush: Golden Retriever grooming is essential. Brush your dog at least three times per week. Ideally, you need to brush your dog daily to prevent tangling for easy care and maintenance. Not to mention, knots can be extremely painful for your fuzzy friend. To remove knots, simply use a slicker brush.

Bath Time: At the very least, you should make sure that your golden retriever gets a bath once a month. Bathing your dog too frequently may result in dry skin which makes shedding much worse. If possible, use only a good all-natural dog shampoo, such as coconut or oatmeal when bathing your Golden. Coconut and oatmeal can also relieve the itches as well.

Avoid Sprays and Pills: Okay, this one I had no clue about, but apparently DO NOT use sprays or pills that claim to prevent Golden Retriever shedding. Some of these products may contain harmful chemicals that might ruin your dog’s coat and skin. I didn’t even though there were such things on the market!

Proper Nutrition: According to, you should feed your dog sufficient amounts of protein and Omega3s. This will help prevent excessive shedding in Golden Retrievers as it keeps your dog’s overall health in check aside from strengthening their hair roots and making their skin more elastic. On the other hand, DO NOT over-feed your dog with certain foods no matter how much you think they’re healthy. Follow your vet’s daily dog food recommendations which are based on what’s appropriate for your pet’s weight, health, and age.

Try Going Raw: I’ve heard this one from countless dog owners time and time again. Try raw, natural feeding. As long as you keep your Golden’s raw food diet clean or well-sanitized, it’s perfectly healthy.

These are just a few tips that may improve things if you are having a tough time dealing with canine shedding. Do you have any tips of your own? Tell us in the comments section.


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