Meet Ricochet, the Golden Retriever Surfing for a Cause Part 1


Dogs are cool. Dogs that surf are even cooler. Ricochet is a surfer dog, but she is also helping the disabled. Basically, the golden retriever’s cool factor is through the roof.

Ricochet is a champion surfer who puts her talents on the board to good use by teaching disabled children how to surf. She is also set to star in a 3D movie for IMAX screens called Superpower Dogs. Superpower Dogs will celebrate Ricochet’s amazing abilities and her remarkable bond with the people she helps.


Ricochet’s owner, Judy Fridono, who has a degree in Service Dog Training, said to the Daily Mail:

‘She just seems to connect on that heart to heart level with people. I just know by the way that she behaves that she can tell how a person is feeling.

Judy, 58, initially intended for Ricochet to work as a guide dog, but the playful pup was too distracted chasing birds to make the grade. But Ricochet’s ability to intuit emotion – combined with her surfing dexterity – meant that she was able to help people in a less conventional way (

Judy told the Daily Mail:

‘When she was eight weeks old she was in a kiddie pool and there was a little board inside and she climbed on and had really good balance so I kept playing around with it. She actually made that decision and showed me what to do. I thought maybe she could raise some money or something and her first fundraiser was for a quadriplegic boy. My idea was to put her and the boy on separate boards but she jumped onto his board with him and at that point I literally saw her come to life.’

‘This is what she was here to do and that is why we call her a SURFice dog – rather than a service dog.

‘She provides a service still, but it’s very different and she chose to do it.’

Judy said: ‘The transformation in some of the people she has worked with has just been incredible.

Ricochet is now an ambassador for a number of assisted surfing organizations, including Life Rolls On and Judy’s own non-profit company, Puppy Prodigies. (

The 3D movie celebrates powerful pooches like Ricochet, and will showcase the remarkable talents of working dogs by following several real-life canine superheroes as they brave earthquakes and avalanches, bring animal poachers to justice, and protect us from danger (

Producer of the film Taran Davies told the Daily Mail:

‘Superpower Dogs will give people an entirely new perspective on the amazing abilities of dogs and their heroic achievements.

In the movie we’re going to meet a number of veteran working dogs all over the world. We’re going to the Canadian Rockies to show the work of avalanche rescue dogs, who can find people buried in 15 feet of snow.

‘We’re going to travel to Kenya where Bloodhounds are right now tracking down animal poachers and saving endangered species such as elephants and rhino.’

‘And then we come to California, where we will meet Ricochet. Ricochet is a dog that knows how to surf, but her true beauty is her empathy and ability to help children who suffer from autism and veteran soldiers with post-traumatic stress.’

This story will continue in a part 2