The Many Ways to Make Sure Your Golden Retriever Gets Enough Exercise Part 3


Making sure your golden gets plenty of exercise is very important. Golden retrievers are usually a large breed of dog and they have a very high level of energy. Not to mention, you want to make sure your furry companion stays healthy. Here is the final piece of my exercise suggestions. This part has a ideas that involve more treats. Which is good news for your golden.

Tug of War

Although tug of war is the perfect game for giving your golden retriever exercise inside, you can also play this game outside. This one is one of my personal favorites.
The concept is straightforward, but be sure to get a rope designed for dogs so it won’t hurt their teeth or contain harsh chemicals.

You should only play tug of war with your dog if you’re able to remain firmly in control. For some dogs, this will trigger aggressive or predatory behavior that is not good in a domesticated animal. If you notice these issues, stick to a different form of exercise for your retriever.

Playing Hide and Seek for Treats or You

If you are concerned about giving your golden retriever too many treats, you can adjust the above game to hide yourself instead of treats.

Distract your pooch by giving them their favorite toy to play with. As soon as they get distracted, go to another area of your house and hide. They will start to run all over the place looking for you, mildly exercising themselves. There are some cute videos of this you can find on YouTube.

If for some reason they don’t start looking, give them the “come” command to start the search. Suddenly, the game is not only exercise, but also reinforces training.


Jumping is another way to get your dog to burn plenty of calories, even if you are stuck inside.

You can encourage your dog to jump in plenty of different ways. One option is to grab your golden retriever’s favorite toy and squat down on the floor with it. Tap them on the nose so they know you have it, then stand up and hold the toy over your head. They will jump up to try to reach it. As a bonus, this method also helps both of you work on your leg muscles.


An alternative is to encourage your dog to jump up and down with the help of bubbles. Just make some non-toxic bubbles like you would for your children or buy a pre-packaged solution. Blow the bubbles up high into the air and watch your dog go for them.

This exercise method has even caught on enough that you can find bubbles for dogs in fun flavors like peanut butter and chicken! If you use bubbles, always make sure to pick non-toxic ones that are safe if they are ingested.


As you can see they are many ways that you can get creative with getting your golden retriever some exercise? Do you have any of your own not listed here? Tell us in the comments below.