Lost Golden Retriever Survives in Wilderness for Ten Days


Seven-year-old Kali, a golden retriever/collie mix survived 10 days in the Canadian wilderness this summer. But Kali wasn’t intentionally left behind, according to http://www.citizen-times.com/:

“We were on our annual canoe trip to up in the Boundary Waters area, up in Northern Minnesota,” said Dave Kareken, A-B Tech professor, Fairview resident and Kali’s human. “We were checking out a large rapid near Rebecca Falls, and our dog slipped into the rapids.” (http://www.citizen-times.com/)

On a leash, Kali made a leap to another rock. But, reaching the leash’s end, her jump was cut short and the dog plummeted into the rapids below (http://www.citizen-times.com/).

“These are very, very powerful rapids,” Kareken explained.  “In the process of trying to reach her, I had fallen into the same crevice, and I could see her swimming out in the rapids. None of us saw her come through the rapids, or if she went under or how deep she went down (http://www.citizen-times.com/).

The family searched for hours, but they did not think there was a way that their dog could have survived. Heartbroken, Kareken, his wife and their teenage son left to return home. But not before alerting rangers and others in the area of their missing pet.

But that following Monday, two weeks after the incident.The family got a call about a dog, a collie/golden retriever mix.

The dog was their Kali.
Credit: http://www.time.com/
Credit: http://www.time.com/

“And within a couple hours, I was back in the car driving 22 hours or so back to Minnesota to pick her up,” he said. “It’s still totally a mystery to me how she survived. She survived for ten days in the wilderness. There’s lots of wolf packs up there that would’ve just torn her to shreds. But there were no broken bones; she was really in pretty good health. Though skinny and bedraggled. (http://www.citizen-times.com/)

Just moments after a camper was alerted to look for a missing dog, Kali showed up at his campsite.  He immediately alerted the authorities. Kareken said his dog must’ve known that there was someone there who could help (http://www.citizen-times.com/).

A family friend took a video of the two being reunited the sweet, tear-jerking moment full of tail-wagging and slobbery dog kisse. The video was uploaded to YouTube, where it went viral on the web (http://www.citizen-times.com/).

Kareken’s been contacted by Buzzfeed and the Rachael Ray show.  The Rachael Ray show even surprised Kali with a year’s supply of her Nutrish brand dog food via a Skype interview. I’m sure that made her very happy. Especially after going all that time without a proper meal.

“I think why people are interested in it is, particularly now during the election, it’s kind of nice to have a story with a happy ending,” he said. “When you see a picture of Kali, she’s a gorgeous dog and she’s so sweet. She’s been such a wonderful companion for us. To have her come back to us, there’s not words to describe that feeling.” (http://www.citizen-times.com/).

Now that Kali is home, I hope that she was able to get some well-deserved rest and time with her family.