Joe the Hearing Dog Is Named a Hero

By Miranda Moore | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-21

I wrote a previous article on hearing dogs and how helpful they are to the hearing impaired. Well, this story just further emphasizes my point. A hearing dog from Wellingborough is being hailed a hero after leading his owner to a stranger who had collapsed.

Golden retriever Joe has been specially trained by Hearing Dogs for Deaf People to assist Matthew Lunney, who is deaf and originally from Northampton.

Just last year, Joe was presented a heroic award for scaring away a robber who was trying to break into Matt’s car while he and the dog were both inside. Joe is now being named a hero for a second time, after performing lifesaving actions yet again while on a family holiday in Weston Super Mare.


As Matt explains, Joe woke him up in the early morning wanting a walk. “I got up that morning and drove Joe and myself down to the forest, which was just down the road. It was still totally pitch black.” he said.

“Joe ran off, and started barking. He came running back to me, so I asked ‘what is it Joe?’ He ran ahead of me, wanting me to follow him.

“When Joe stopped, I saw that a lady had fallen down the steps, and wasn’t moving. There was no signal on my phone so Joe instinctively stayed with her whilst I ran back to my car and pressed the SOS button.”

“20 minutes later the paramedics arrived. The lady was badly hurt, in tears, and emotional. She kept asking me ‘how did you get help?’ As she got into the ambulance, the Paramedics were telling her about Joe, that he was a hearing dog and I was profoundly deaf. She realized if it hadn’t been for Joe, she would not have been found.”

Wow! Two live saving actions in the span of a year. That is one amazing golden retriever! I hope the injured lady turned out alright though.

Matthew really has one special dog. I know golden retrievers are known for being loyal and intelligent, but this honestly blows my mind.

Of course, major credit must also go to the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People Company that is based in the UK. They are the ones that trained Joe and they did a fantastic job. I’m sure with the weight of this news, they will be seeing a lot more business. They must be very proud.

The information for this article was taken from the Northampton Official News Page in the UK. You can find more information on that website.

You can also donate to and even sponsor a puppy. If you live in the U.K., you can also volunteer your dog to be a hearing dog. Most companies would like to start training hearing dogs as puppies. However, I think they would still take a young dog as well.

Congratulations to Joe and all the other service dogs out there that are helping us humans be able to live and function as well as we possibly can.

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