How Are Golden Retrievers with Cats?

By Miranda Moore | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-06

From what I can gather, golden retrievers generally get along well with other dogs as well as other animals. This goes for cats as well. Now, of course this all depends on the animals’ own personal temperament. This is mostly a general consensus. It would also help if your cat and dog grew up together as well.

This dog is one of the best dog breeds for kids and is also tolerant around most other pets in the household. They are excellent with cats of all sizes and ages. The golden retriever is unlikely to be rough with your cat even when playing, and, like most dogs, will just consider the cat part of his family if they are introduced while he’s still a puppy.

They are not good guard dogs but they will protect a kitten that they have decided to nurse and raise. Goldens are considered one of the easiest breeds to obedience train and are willing to do almost anything, sometimes to the point of exhaustion.

That being said, the introduction process should be accomplished slowly. One week in separate rooms is what is usually recommend. Allow them to acclimate to each other’s scents. Never leave them alone together until it’s been a month. You should be present for all interactions. Correct any positive interactions immediately with a treat. Negative interactions should be ignored unless either the dog or the cat are in danger.

Cat boops dog.
Cat boops dog.

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Here are some tips for the introduction process:

Never hold a cat who’s meeting a dog for the first time. Being held doesn’t make a cat feel safe, it makes the cat feel trapped. That’s a recipe for serious injury to the pet owner. Help the cat feel in control by providing space and a high place to jump to where he can safely observe.

If you’re introducing an adult dog to a cat, it can be more challenging. Have some quiet time with both pets in a small room, with the dog on-leash. Pet both animals at the same time. Do this for a few days, and when they start to sniff each other without trying to chase or swat, they’re getting closer to getting along.

This will take time, so do not be discouraged when it doesn’t happen immediately. Even though golden retrievers are known for being quite playful, they will most likely not play too rough with the cat. As I’ve said before, golden retrievers have a high sensitivity level and the dog won’t want to get too rough.

As mentioned before, golden retrievers make amazing family pets. Which is probably why they would get along with other pets so well. Golden retrievers are very intelligent and probably realize that the other animals, including the cat or cats, are part of the family. But please remember that this is a large breed of dog. Golden retrievers need lots of room to run around and exercise in. They can’t be cooped up with the cat all the time. Always mae sure that they also have separate time to themselves.

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