Golden Retriever Puppy Dies in House Fire


Some Thoughts

I’m sorry to have to bring sad golden retriever related news today. Before we go on to the story, I just want to say some things. First, it is very hard to lose a beloved pet. I had to put my Yorkie down last year and I’m still not over it. I had to console myself by buying a little Pomeranian.

Second, some people might be upset about what the man said about trying to rescue the puppy. I know many dog lovers might see things differently, but please try to remember that this man lost his home in addition to a beloved pet.

What Happened


Terry Irvin returned to his Geneva home one afternoon to find his house on fire with the family’s beloved puppy inside.

He ran into the home but was unable to reach his dog.

Despite the efforts of Irvin and firefighters, the dog passed away in the fire, which left the house uninhabitable.

The Owner

“We lost our 13-week-old Golden Retriever,” Irvin said. “Our family had two Golden Retrievers for a long time and lost the last one in May. We got the puppy five weeks ago because we decided that we didn’t want an empty house. We quickly fell in love with him. They are like your kids.”

Irvin said despite his love for the puppy, he probably shouldn’t have braved the fire to try and save him.

“Don’t try going into a burning house to save your dog because I almost didn’t make it back out,” he said.

Irvin said the dog was in the family room, probably asleep at the time the fire broke out.

The Fire

“Firemen tried to resuscitate him by giving him CPR and oxygen but he was gone. I think he probably was gone before they tried. He was found in the family room with a little bit of smoke on him. Thankfully he didn’t have any burns. I don’t think he suffered when he died,” he said.

Firefighters said when they got to the house they found thick, dark smoke coming from the two-story home with heavy fire visible in the back. Geneva Fire Department officials said firefighters “mounted an aggressive interior fire attack,” with multiple hose lines.

One firefighter did sustain a minor injury at the scene.

The fire left the home uninhabitable. Irvin said his family has lived in the house for 38 years. He said he and his wife are staying with their son until the house is restored.

“The firemen from Geneva and Batavia are really the best. They did a good job in trying to save the house. The firemen have been considerate and compassionate through all of this,” he said. “They really tried to keep the damage down which they did.”

Irvin said his neighbors have been thoughtful as well.

“Everything is going to be OK,” he said.

The cause of the fire is under investigation. Damage estimates have not yet been determined. Let’s all send our well wishes over to this family.