How to Battle Fleas Part 1


Let’s face it, owning animals means taking on the battle of killing fleas. Fleas are nasty, little, external parasites that feed off of your Golden Retriever’s blood supply, and also off of ours. If you give them the chance to. Everyone hates flea bites. But what can be done about them? This will be a multiple part article.

Flea bites on humans are a nuisance and depending on the person they bite, the intensity of the itching will vary according to the person’s skin type. But they are more than just a nuisance to your Golden Retriever. Fleas on dogs cause tapeworm, and many dogs are sensitive and/or allergic to their saliva. This can cause severe itching, hair loss, rash, inflammation, and secondary skin infections.

Fortunately, a lot can be done and killing fleas is much easier than you may think. How to treat the flea bite will depend upon if it is you that gets bit, your dog, and how severe his reaction is to the bite. Luckily, there are very fast, simple, and effective ways to keep these parasites off of your dog.

If you have a young puppy that has fleas, he will need to be treated differently and more carefully than an older dog.

But what about your house, your baseboards, the carpet?

Surprisingly, there is a simple two-step process to keep fleas out of the house and off of you. Most people try to kill off the adult flea without realizing that this is no help.  You have to stop the complete life cycle of fleas to keep them out of your home.

Flea bombs and foggers and all of those products only target the adult flea and will not do very much in truly breaking the cycle and preventing the return of fleas.

How to Treat a Flea Bite


Fleas like to gang up and continually feed from the same area on your Golden Retriever. Until the skin becomes swollen, irritated, and possibly turns into an open wound. If this open wound becomes infected, then you will need to see your vet and get antibiotics.  An actual infection will not heal on its own.

If it is not infected, there are a few different products you can treat it with to help it heal faster. Peroxide, applied with a cotton ball, can be used. Bactine is also good for small cuts. Bag Balm is another great product. This is very thick, almost like petroleum jelly, and is used for healing small cuts. .

The best flea bite treatment for people is to simply not scratch it! Scratching the area actually causes the bite to swell more, which in turn, causes more itching.

Unfortunately, the bites will flare up and itch many times over the course of several days, before it goes away completely. Hydrocortisone creams will relieve the swelling and also the itch. The cream will probably need to be re-applied several times.

Killing fleas on dogs needs to be a top priority as it does no good to treat the wound, if the fleas are allowed to keep coming back and re-opening it. They will keep returning until you break their life cycle, which can be easily accomplished with the proper preventive measures.

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