How to Battle Fleas: Getting Rid of Fleas in the Home


Just a few weeks ago, I went to Petsmart to adopt a Westiepoo. While I was talking to the shelter owner, she mentioned that she flea bombed her yard recently. But was still having trouble getting rid of them. I’ve heard stories like this a lot and seems to be a common problem. But why is that?

Many years ago, we didn’t have a lot of choices when it came to getting rid of fleas, but that is no longer the case. Not only are these products no longer needed, but they are a total waste of money. They can also be very dangerous.

Flea Products that Don’t Work

Flea bombs and foggers can kill off some of the pests that are in your house, but they do nothing for the ones that are on your dog. Not only that, but they do not kill the eggs and pupae.


So, what about collars? The majority of these collars do not truly work. They just give us a false sense of security. In fact, I’ve tried collars many times and they never worked. Many times the fleas will actually be hiding underneath the collar that is supposed to be killing them.

All of these items cost the same as orusually more, than using what is proven to actually work. The topical preventatives that are on the market today, are fast acting, effective, and safe. An added bonus, you do not have to cover up all cooking utensils and leave your home in order to use them

As for a flea trap, that is only to gauge how many you may have hiding in your house. Though it will kill some fleas, it still does not get to the root of the problem. To make a trap, you fill a bowl with soapy water, set it on the floor at night and shine a light over the bowl.

The fleas feel the warmth from the light and jump into the water. When the soap coats their bodies, they are unable to jump back out of the bowl. If you want to make a trap to see just how many fleas you may have in your house, this can be an interesting experiment. But how do you really gauge how many you missed?

Vacuuming combined with treating your Golden Retriever is the most efficient and safest way to completely stop the flea’s life cycle completely.

Getting Your House Flea Free

People tend to go into panic mode when they discover fleas in their house. They turn over their house in a frenzy and sometimes create even more problems. The flea removing process really doesn’t have to be that stressful.

Killing fleas in carpets and anywhere else in your house that fleas may be hiding, is actually very simple to do. Getting rid of fleas simply consists of 2 basic steps.

The first step, which is also the most important step, involves treating your dog with a topical flea preventative.

The next step is what to do about your home. Believe it or not, vacuuming is the second step of living flea free.

When fleas are in their protected cocoon stage, they can stay like this for a very long time. They only emerge out of it when they believe that a food source is nearby. To speed up this process and shorten the flea life cycle, vacuuming is an easy, cheap, and quick way to fool these pests into leaving their protected space.

The vibrations from vacuuming can fool the pupae into believing that there is a nearby food source, and they will emerge from their protected cocoons in search of it. Once they emerge, they are either then killed off by being sucked into the vacuum, or by biting into your protected dog.

Many people say to change the vacuum cleaner bag after you vacuum, so the fleas cannot escape from it. It is much cheaper to simply purchase some flea powder, dump a small pile on the carpet and then vacuum that up, before you do the rest of your vacuuming. Then you only need to replace the vacuum bag when it is full, as you normally would.

As for vacuuming, you can do this as often or as little, as you see fit. By simply combining the steps of protecting your dog and vacuuming, you can live in your house without ever worrying about getting a flea bite.

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