7 Best Chew Toys For Golden Retrievers: Part 2


Now, we will pick up where we left off in the first part of this article about dog toys. Please keep in mind that all the toys on this list are geared towards golden retrievers. The golden breed needs more durable toys because of their love of chewing. All of this information and more is at the citation address.

Mammoth Flossy Cotton blend 5-Knot Rope Tug


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If you’ve got a power chewing Golden Retriever who loves a game or two of tug-of-war, you’re going to love this huge rope toy from Mammoth.
As well as being great fun to play with, this toy also serves as a great flossing tool for your dog’s teeth. The cotton strands are safe to chew and easily passed through your dog’s digestive system if swallowed.

Top features:
     • It’s absolutely huge ­– the Super X-Large is 72 inches long and has five knots to give you a firm grip. Great for larger dogs!
     • The cotton rope fibers work to floss your dog’s teeth
     • It’s incredibly thick, tough and durable – perfect for heavy chewers
     • The cotton blend colors are vibrant and easy to spot
     • Golden Retrievers love carrying it around in their mouths

Goughnuts Tug Original Interactive Dog Toy


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This is yet another product from Goughnuts and another interactive tug toy. This is made of rubber rather than rope and is very durable and strong, so it is perfect for golden retrievers and power chewers.
It is made of the same super strong hard rubber as the Original Dog Chew Ring we’ve listed in Part 1 but comes with the interactive aspect of tug-of-war!

Top features:
     • Great for large dogs – it’s 11” long and 6” wide
     • Made of durable rubber; the same recipe as used in their rings
     • There’s a 1.5” cross-section, so it’s safe for your dog to play with either a human or another doggy friend!
     • Get the Maxx Black color if you have a real power chewer – it’s made of a denser rubber than the other colors

Kong Jump-N-Jack Dental Dog Toy

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That’s right; it’s KONG again with one of their most exciting offerings in dog chew toys: the Jump-N-Jack Dental Dog Toy. Perfectly bouncy for games of fetch, the durable rubber formula can take a good chewing from your Golden Retriever.

The ridged design can be stuffed with treats for dogs who need some extra stimulation while helping clean your pup’s teeth at the same time.

Top features:
     • The unique and patented ridges gently clean in between your dog’s teeth, removing plaque and food debris
     • Can be stuffed with treats or peanut butter
     • Made in the US
     • Made of super durable, firm rubber
     • Very bouncy and unpredictable – will keep your Golden stimulated in extended games of fetch and catch!
     • Easy to chew on as it doesn’t wobble like the KONG Wobbler

That’s it for the toy list. If want to purchase any of these products, you can look for them at your local Petsmart or Petco; you also might have luck at Walmart or Target.