Having trouble choosing between these two breeds? If that’s the case, then I will provide you with information on both breeds, so you can make the best decision. Remember that when getting a new pup, you have to put the pup’s needs before your own. For example, say you really want a golden retriever, but you live in an apartment. Golden retrievers are a large breed and do not really like confined spaces. You would probably want a smaller breed. So, let’s look at the dogs.

Golden Retrievers

Golden retrieverGolden retriever

Picture taken from: http://www.golden-retriever.com/

The breed is known to be friendly and their tolerant attitude makes the golden retriever a wonderful family pet. Golden Retrievers excel at retrieving game for hunters (hence the name), tracking, sniffing out drugs, and as therapy and assistance dogs. They’re also natural athletes. They do well in dog sports such as agility and competitive obedience. So, if you want a hunting or show dog, you should definitely look into the golden retriever.

As mentioned before, golden retrievers make amazing family pets. But please remember that this is a large breed of dog. Golden retrievers need lots of room to run around and get exercise. This breed does not adapt well to apartment living. If you are a new pet owner, this breed is pretty okay when it comes to temperament. However, their size may be a challenge to some newer dog owners.

This beautiful breed is also known for being highly sensitive. The sensitivity also plays a part in the fact that golden retrievers do not like to be left alone. So, if you travel often and do not plan to take your pup with you, this may not be the breed for you.

Golden retrievers are beautiful dogs. A lot of them have long, beautiful coats. Which means they shed. A lot. The long hair also makes them much harder to groom and they have the potential for a lot of weight gain. That’s why it is important for them to get a lot of exercise. Of course, they also have a high energy level. At the same time, golden retrievers also have a high risk of cancer.

Cocker Spaniels

Cocker SpanielCocker Spaniel

Picture taken from: http://www.about-cocker-spaniels.com/

The typical Cocker Spaniel is gentle, loving, and is a trustworthy family companion. They are also good with children, other pets, and the elderly. Unfortunately, his extreme popularity leaves him open to the bane of all favorite breeds: people who breed with no regard for temperament, health, or conformation. As a result, some Cocker Spaniels have serious health and temperament problems.

If you are considering a Cocker Spaniel, you must be extremely careful when you buy or adopt a puppy. Buy only from a reputable breeder. Never buy a puppy from a backyard breeder, puppy mill, or pet store. Reputable breeders breed with temperament in mind and perform various health tests to ensure that their breeding dogs don’t pass on a predisposition to genetic diseases.

Cocker spaniels adapt very well to apartment living, so the spaniel may be a good option for a college student. Or a couple just starting out. However, they are the same as the goldens when it comes to sensitivity and being alone. They also have a high prey drive and could possibly keep your home pest free. They also shed less than a golden.

So which one will you choose?

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