What to Do if Your Dog Is Bored


Getting bored is not exclusive to human beings.

Apparently, dogs can get easily bored, too. So, what’s the remedy here? You’ve seen those videos of dogs and cats just dozing off while sitting still. You don’t want your dog to get THAT kind of youtube fame, right? Well, then we have to see what can you do to keep your dog excited.

Most dogs, regardless of what breed or age, certainly will need some sort of toy because just like humans they get bored quickly.

Adventure Animals
Adventure Animals

Even though we might think that dog toys aren’t really that important to your dogs, they can actually be a big part of their lives. Dog toys are a powerful way to encourage communication, encourages a playful and positive attitude, and they can also bring you closer to your dog. Toys are a wonderful tool to prevent the dog from being bored and can also stop them from causing any nuisance.

A bored dog is dangerous as they’ll often find another thing to chew, which generally means your furniture.

If you’re away from home for long periods of time and you really love your furniture and shoes, you have to invest in dog toys. There are various different kinds of dog toys and those that you select for your dog depend on your taste and budget. You should also take into consideration the durability of a toy. German Shepherds have extremely strong jaws and you might find yourself buying the same toys week in week out. So choose wisely!

If you really want to amuse your dog, find one of those squeaky toys! These are guaranteed to keep your puppy occupied for a long period of time. There probably will be a race between the dog getting tired of the toy and you going crazy because of all of that squeaky noise!

Stuffed animals are usually a bad choice as a dog’s toy.

You might have those just lying around your place. And not to mention that it’s kinda a given that the typical German Shepherd will tear a toy like that apart. And if that was your or your niece’s favorite teddy bear – then you’re in a trouble.

If you are really looking for ‘bonding’ games, then look no further than frisbee or plain tennis balls. These are perfect ways for you to be active as well as play with the dog at the same time.

Choosing a toy which will suit your dog can occasionally be decided on their breed as well as size. So purchasing a big ball for a small dog will be useless. So, keep in mind how big your German Shepherd will become when picking a toy for them.

Finally, remember to put safety first.

While it seems boring to check what the vets say about such a small thing as a dog’s toy, you can’t really be too careful. Making sure your dog is safe while playing will give you even more pleasure than watching them go crazy with their new favorite toy!