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Things That Drive Your Dog Crazy When You Leave

By Dima B. | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-23

Dogs can sense whether their owners are leaving or not leaving the home. And this 6th sense of dogs can at time make them act crazy.

The fact remains – leaving your dog can seem to cause a heartbreak for your pet. They generally bark, whine and would stare through the window as their owners are leaving. This type of behavior is often overlooked by dog owners, but you will need to be aware that this can be a severe issue. Yes, they may seem like they are acting crazy, but there are other signs to note. 

You should not ignore this type of separation nervousness because it can cause a danger to your dog’s health.

Stress and behavioral difficulties may be easily noticed in dogs with parting anxiety. Dogs will bark and whine when they’re left alone or when they realize that you are making preparations to leave. 

A dog with this disease will react quickly whenever you leave. It does not matter whether you are gone for several minutes or hours. This nervousness in your dog takes place instantly when they realize that you’re leaving. There isn’t a clear cause for this type of anxiety. Dogs might develop this condition due to numerous reasons. It might be previous experiences that they have had. 

There are very different signs of this condition in various types of dogs. Some dogs may whine or bark excessively, ruin things at home, scrape at doors, walls, or floors. It can cause excessive salivation or attempts to escape from the crate or a room. When you have a full grown German Shepherd on your hands – such behavior can cause harm to the dog itself, anyone near the dog, as well as to all the furniture you have.

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If your dog is going crazy when you’re leaving – prepare yourself to make instant changes in your habits.

Whenever you get a brand new dog you need to discover what it anticipates. It is possible to train the dog, especially German Shepherds. But at times, it might be simpler to alter the way you do things, and not the dog. In case your dog suffers from mild separation nervousness, teach him to build his confidence in order that he’ll understand that your absence isn’t a big deal. To do that, ignore him for several minutes before petting him again. It is sometimes the simple things which make big differences. Give him anything to maintain him busy before you leave.

Being busy might make the separation easier for the pet.

German Shepherds love to be ‘on duty’. Meaning, they love to engage in any activities and keep themselves occupied. Give your dog something to play with, toys, balls, chewing toys and so on. Anything will work, but make sure it’s not going to cause him any harm. Create some sort of a  comfort zone for your dog with lots of toys to avoid boredom. You can add a piece of clothing with your fragrance on it. This helps your pet to relax.

Remember, that dogs with separation nervousness might hurt themselves attempting to get out a crate or an apartment.

They’ve possibly already experienced psychological trauma, so punishing them is a definite no-go. Dogs with signs of this condition should be treated with love, understanding, and compassion. Seek veterinarian care if your dog’s separation nervousness becomes severe, but until then – some small tricks and tips can ease your time apart from each other.

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