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The Right Diet for Your GSD

By Dima B. | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-19

Giving the right diet is never easy. 

You have to have a pitch-perfect, balanced symmetry of ingredients. These are crucial for supplying the optimal nourishment to your dog in order for them to be healthy.

Every single ingredient you offer your dog has to serve a specific purpose. Whether it is to supply high degrees of essential fatty acids to the dog or contain more digestible proteins.

Exactly like human beings, pups also have distinctive nutritional requirements based on their overall health and wellbeing. 

It has generally been accepted that achieving a sort of ‘eating equilibrium diet’ for the dog leads to better health. German Shepherd enthusiasts boast of different diets they develop for their beloved breed. They can prolong life, improve health, fitness, coating color, teeth and so on. 


This sort of a diet affects not only the exterior wellness of the pup, for example – better skin and coat. They do improve drastically, and the results are visible. But the main benefits are those that aren’t so easily detected. A great diet provides additional strength, enhances the resistance to viruses and various diseases and aids in the optimal digestion process.

You can start noticing your puppy becoming more energetic, more willing to play and simply stronger. You should know that this is the result of a well-crafted diet and not simply a hereditary feature. 

Exactly like when human beings eat healthy food they feel good and fit, the same goes for  dogs. When your puppies are fed a well-balanced diet with the nourishment they require, they remain healthy and fit for much longer periods of time.

Do note that there are dogs that suffer from food allergic reactions specific to elements like synthetic colors, flavors or vegetables.

Always be on the safe side and check whether the food you’re about to give is safe for dogs. Not just that, but you’ll also have to watch out for allergies in dogs. Dogs that eat healthy and natural food have more energy than the ones that eat low-quality kibble. With necessary nutrients provided by the diet, the dog can easily digest the food and get the vitamins needed for their overall comfort. When a dog is fed low-quality kibble their energy gets exhausted very quickly, leading to a bad mood and a general feeling of malaise.

Lastly, it’s been scientifically proven that healthy and natural food results in increasing the life of the dog by a couple of years.

Proteins, carbohydrates and grains, minerals, oils, vitamins – all of these, when carefully tailored for your dog, can become a source of energy, health and excellent mood for your puppy for years to come. It is especially important for small puppies, as you’re basically building the foundation of their health. Puppies grow fast. You have to keep up with providing all the necessary ‘building blocks’ to secure a sound foundation. 

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