Remember Planking? Here’s How You Do It With Your Pet

By Dima B. | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-14


Planking was a massive hit and an Internet sensation during the 2000s.

Spreading literally across the globe, this trend made millions of people exercise because it was cool, and not because it was healthy. People would skip work or spend lunch breaks actually exercising. Posts and photographs would flood social media and news outlets would not stop talking about this! It became a flash mob, meaning that millions of people would start doing it just because it wast trending.

Nevertheless, it had a great result for the nation’s fitness. And not only that! Dog enthusiasts, at least those keeping up with the trends, incorporated this exercise into their daily routine with their dogs! They have developed an elaborate method of training your dog while doing exercises at the same time!

So, how do you do planking exercises with your dog? Follow these 4 simple steps:

Step 1

It is crucial – get some of your dog’s favorite toys! While your pet might still run around and act genuinely excited as if it’s participating too, getting them interested with a chewing toy or a ball will help a lot.

Step 2

Lay down on the floor and ensure your elbows are right beneath your shoulders. Your legs must be ‘tied’ together from the toes up. In a push-up movement, raise your body off the floor, supporting your weight on your lower arms and your toes. You ought to have a straight line from your feet to your head. You can turn your elbows to a 45-degree point and lock your palms together. Ensure your back is level and your head, neck and spine are in a straight line.  There you go! You are in the plank position!

Step 3

Take your dog’s toy in your right hand and stretch it out to the side of your body so your pet goes after the toy; hold it there for three seconds and after that hurl the toy so your puppy goes after it. Keep on holding your plank position until your dog brings it back.

Step 4

Simply reverse the exercise to the other hand. Don’t forget to throw the toy every single time! Keep on doing that for 10-15 times per each hand. You can make several sets of this exercise. Start off with a set of just 5 tosses and ‘planks’ and then raise it to, let’s say, 20. This should be enough to keep you training and gaining better results and also this will be enough for the dog to spend some of its energy on something fun!

Getting your daily exercise dose with your pet can be fun! Try it out with something simple, like lunges or push-ups and then move on to some of the harder workouts. If you’re able to engage your pet with this activity – you’ll find out how much easier it makes the whole thing! Now it’s not a tiresome routine you’re doing to get into better shape. Now it’s your leisure time with the dog! Keep the positive thinking and good results will come soon!

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