Reasons For Homemade Dog Food You Haven’t Thought Of


Before you hit the store or online shop next time, consider making your own healthy dog food at home. A look at the benefits.

A lot of dog-owners tend to rely on mass-produced foods. They do have all the certification and approvals, so, why risk getting something wrong while making food for your dog at home, right? It is true, that the biggest brands out there provide relatively good food. Especially if you’re willing to spend some extra for premium brands.

Most commercial dog food companies use preservatives such as BHA & BHT and Ethoxyquin to keep the fat in the dog food from going rancid and to ensure a longer shelf life. That would simply be unprofitable for these big companies to restock dog food every time they expire. That’s why they do all they can to extend the expiration time. 

Homemade Recipes
Credit: Homemade Recipes

Thankfully, you’re not chasing bigger profits when cooking for yourself, your guests, or, in this case, for your dog.

Have you ever looked over the component label of dog food?

What is that meat that they put in the processed food? Most of such products aren’t fit for human consumption, but this should be already well-known. Have you noticed the labels of meats there? If you haven’t – this can mean that they’re not even there! If the type of animal who’s meat was used is not listed, then it could be virtually anything – euthanized dogs & cats, diseased cows, pigs, chickens unfit for human consumption – the disgusting list goes on. 

This is one of the biggest drivers for dog-owners to start making food for their pet. 

The problem with this kind of ‘meat’ is that it may contain chemicals and poisons which aren’t eliminated throughout the processing. This implies that your dog may easily ingest these substances.

With home-made healthy dog food you are the one in control of purchasing the meat that you feed your German Shepherd.

Getting fresh protien, grains, vitamins, and minerals into your dog’s diet will lead to enhanced digestion and absorption of essential nutrients. You are going to see less waste since the body is able to use most of the food that you’re providing for the dog. The trick with the industrially-produced foods is that they simply make your dog feel stuffed after the meal. This is the ultimate goal – to reach saturation. However, it lacks the nutrients needed for the dog, so it just goes right through them. Your dog doesn’t feel stronger, fitter or healthier. 

Your dog body continues to be living in a situation of constant hunger or even stress related to it.

Being on a mass-produced food diet is a typical situation. Imagine, that your dog’s been eating it since he was a puppy. The dog has not been receiving all the nutrients he needs for optimum development, growth, and functioning. Once he begins getting the essential nutrients out of your home made healthy dog food, your dog’s resistance system will be able to perform better. This means he’ll be less susceptible to sickness and various bad conditions. Health food will decrease of your dog’s allergic reactions. But, more importantly, their attitude and mood will increase drastically. So, take an extra hour in your calendar each day to cook for your dog – the rewards will be amazing!