Reality Check – Pudgy Pup Might Not Be Healthy

By Dima B. | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-15

Reality check – a pudgy pup may not really be a happy-go-lucky slightly overweight or plum puppy. 

This is like it is with the grandparents – they want their grandchildren to be well fed. This is probably their top priority. A plump kid is a good sign for them. Many have the same attitude towards dogs. Or they can simply dismiss early obesity as a dog ‘being cute’. Let’s see if there’s anything wrong with such a sentiment.

You should track the potential illnesses that your dog can develop early on.

If you think that it’s a bit cute that the puppy is plum and awkward – it may also be a signal of potential problems with health and obesity. We’ve heard doctors’ relentless calls for fighting child obesity in the US. Now, bets are signaling the same issues with dogs. Many dog owners think it’s a good thing that they feed their dogs like that – until the point the dogs can’t actually run, chase squirrels or engage in any active games. This is, obviously, not the way a dog should behave.

Chubby dogs are cute and funny only at the beginning.

After an impact on the bone structure has been made – you’ll have to deal with the repercussions of this for the rest of the dog’s life. Some of these changes are simply irreversible. However you try in the future to get your German Shepherd in shape – the way you treated and fed the dog when it was a puppy will determine its physical shape for the long run.

Obesity is a simple mechanism. It is a reaction of the body when it stores more fats than it burns. And fat is nothing but an energy waiting to be used! Yes, some dogs will have hereditary issues relating to obesity. But more common is the case when the dog is fed in a normal way, or slightly more than it is supposed to be, but is completely inactive during the day! 

Anxiety can play a role in the development of dog obesity.

Similarly to humans, dogs can experience anxiety issues leading to appetite malfunction. Some can over-eat, while the others do the contrary. If your dog suddenly acquires an insatiable appetite it may indicate a deeper psychological problem, and its not just normal growth demands of the body. 

Being overweight could lead dogs to create weight-related musculoskeletal conditions

Issues with joints are among the most common ones. Especially with the German Shepherds who happens to be especially predisposed to theses sorts of issues. This is why getting your dog in shape and providing a normal ration of nutrition is paramount if you want to have a dog that is healthy and active. 

While it is tempting to give in and give an extra treat to your puppy for something they did (just like with kids) you have to keep in mind that you’re in charge of their well-being. 

Don’t overdo the tasty treats and do not condone ‘lazy’ weekends. Get your running shoes and vegetables and you’re on your way to healthy life for you and your pet. 


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