Your GSD’s 3 Favorite Things

By Dima B. | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-16

Dog’s are the kind of pets that are fairly easy to understand

With cats, you really have to have cryptologists to tell you what your cat’s behavior is all about. Like your college roommate, dogs like eating, hanging out, playing some games and having some fun with sports. 

German Shepherds are also absolutely fine with adapting to your lifestyle. If you’re more of a laid-back type of a person, then the dog will adjust to your pace and be a great companion. So because if this, ironically, it becomes hard to find out what the dog actually likes to do! Even though they mimic and try to fit in with your lifestyle, they do have their own unique personality. As a breed, the German Shepherds share some of the most common things that they simply love to do. 

What’s our top pick for the GSD’s most favorite things? Here it goes
  1. Herding

Just in case you do not happen to have a herd of sheep or other livestock – don’t worry. Obviously, German Shepherds have it in their genes to herd, since it is the purpose the breed was cultivated. German Shepherds can manage a giant number of animals and organize them in neat formation, making sure no one gets lost or attacked. Such management qualities can be incredibly useful even now. Utilize them! Do you have uncontrollable kids? Well, there you go – your GSD will help you cope with them. Do you have other pets? Your very own GSD is up for the task.

2. Duty

German Shepherds are involved in all possible services for a reason. You see them helping the visually impaired people, in law enforcement, in rescue services and the list goes on. Not only are GSDs naturally great at doing all these tasks, they seem to genuinely love being a service dog. If you don’t have much law enforcement to do around your household, just make up some chores that you can engage your GSD in. German Shepherds are among the easiest dogs to train, so you’ll be able to teach them to do almost anything alongside you. Make sure you tap into this character trait that they have and you’ll see how happy that will make your dog.

3. Company 

Your dog will be the ultimate buddy. For hanging out or for exercising, morning jogging, playing ball and playing with the kids. Dogs’ devotion is simply on another level, so, not surprisingly, one of the best things for the dog is to be in your company. 

Just as with humans, you have to be able to really ‘get’ your dog’s personality. We’ve said that dogs are fairly straightforward – they will not conceal when they’re sad or happy or when they’re excited to see you, so this will make the task much easier.

Spend as much time with your pet as you can, and pretty soon you’ll be able to understand it without much effort. This will only help increase the bond between you two and lead to a much happier life.

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