Are You a GSD Enthusiast or a Wannabe?

By Dima B. | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-19

Dog enthusiasts are a pretty exclusive club.

You might think – what can be easier than just getting a dog, right? Well, it’s not that simple. What’s the difference between a simple dog owner, a dog enthusiast and a wannabe? 

Getting your dose of physical activity playing and exercising with the dog

Perhaps you’re simply the sporty type of a person yourself, and you need to look for a sport where you share your energy and excitement with your pup and enjoy it collectively. That means you’ll simply have to engage your dog in various sports activities. And this is one of the core elements of being a GSD enthusiast – you’re preoccupied with the development of the dog.

Irrespective of the cause, combining your daily routine with the physical development of the dog is extremely popular and may be addictive. Build & strengthen the bond between you and your pup, therefore improving trust and communication. Match your dog both physically and emotionally — to help keep you in form as well! Whether it’s jogging, playing ball, workouts – these all include you or your pup working closely collectively, as a team, even if it doesn’t seem so at first. 

Actually enrolling into a club or training classes for the dog.

You can now find dog clubs and courses generally in most cities throughout the country. You can pick whichever you like, as there are literally thousands of them. Even those specifically related to German Shepherds. These clubs might be simple Q&A type of clubs, dog-community building clubs, pageants, some actually have competitions of different sorts. This is exactly where your sporting abilities come into play. 

One of the most trendy ones nowadays is the dog agility competition.

You might have seen them on TV in many reality TV shows and contests. The rules are simple – the dog has to go from point A to point B showcasing maximum agility.

You’re not permitted to touch your pup while he is running the agility class, so you need to rely on verbal teachings and body signs to convey, and this supports a fairly strong bond between owner and dog. The dogs are judged on athleticism, speed and precision. You may find agility tests for all ages and skills.

It’s not that easy to get your dog into the contest

The requirements of the sport make some breeds a naturally better fit. Right body structure, a healthy body and a comfortable, sociable character are the most crucial things to look for in a pup if you have agility competition in head. Always check with your vet prior to beginning any kind of action which calls for lots of running or jumping. Given that you are a dog agility enthusiast, you probably want to know how to get started. Well, you are in luck, because this is among the most famous dogs’ sports around. Many areas have dog agility clubs and trainers.

If getting your dog into a club or engaging in the dog-owners community does not excite you much – maybe you’re just fine with being a dog owner and no extra pressure. As long as you and the dog are happy – whatever works is fine!

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