Why Your German Shepherd Needs a Leash

By Dima B. | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-20

Some of you might think that the GSD is so well-behaved and ‘trainable’ that the leash is not necessary.

Well, for better or for worse, this is not always the case.

Having your dog on a leash while having a leisure walk does not entail any sort of aggressive domination and control. A leash is a fantastic ‘authority’ tool even for an experienced dog. Some minimal dog leash training can supply you with a correct use and execution of leash that may be extremely effective. The dog will be able to discover you as the leader and you will be the one to set the directions of your walks and not vice versa.

You don’t want to get to the point where the dog shows no regard for you if he keeps on running lose and act however he likes. It will be only a matter of weeks or months when the dog will simply go AWOL on you and run off into the streets. 

This is the key point – a leash is not a restraining tool but rather a control tool.




However, even if you’re the best at controlling YOUR dog with the leash – you can’t tell the same about other dog owners. As a matter of fact – you’ll be bumping into all sorts of animals on your jogging route, and there’s no way for you to control them. So, here’s where you have to activate another control tool, and that is – voice commands. A good Leave It command can save you much trouble and help win those unexpected battles.

When the dog’s instincts kick in – that’s where you have to act fast and use everything you’ve got in the toolbox. Dogs can be  easily triggered by a squirrel, rat or deer and start pursuing them. Some – until the point they are completely lost and have to find their way back home or to the owner.

A bizarre motion or noise can instantly turn your dog into a reactive and uncontrollable beast.

Typically, dog leash training entails consistent and well-timed pulls that will enable you to stay clear of situations like that and remind the dog to behave. The dog will constantly feel your presence and authority which, in 99% of the situations, will be enough for them to ignore another dog or cat or mailman. 

If you’re not good at handling your dog, with or without the leash – get ready for some trouble. Not only will that make your life much harder, you should also expect some lawsuits from scared people, attacked pet owners and the list goes on and on. So, not having your GSD on a leash in potentially tricky situations can also become a financial liability.

Finally, don’t think that the dog will love you less for that.

Many dog owners feel like having a dog on a leash is something like torture for the poor thing. While dogs will dislike this, most of the time, it is a far better option than to have them roam free and cause all sorts of nuisance. In the end, safety matters much more than some temporary inconveniences. 

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